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The Key to Ole Miss Athletic Success: Western Europe

I assume that 25 Days A Week will have something more substantive for you in the near future, but until he does it falls on me to note that Ole Miss won an SEC Championship in ... something.

Yes! Tennis! I knew it!

Using a roster composed, primarily, of guys he picked up in a techno club Amsterdam, Billy Chadwick has won himself another SEC Title (Men's Tennis won the SEC Tournament in 1997, as well). In a fitting end to the tournament, the Rebs' top-ranked singles player, Erling Tveit (whose name is spelled, honestly, about as phonetically as possible), won his match against some unknown Floridian to suspend play and take the tournament.

So, warm congratulations to the Men's Tennis Team (and also the Women's Team! You did your best! Go Title IX!). Palmer-Salloum (yep, that's the Tennis Complex you've never heard of) will likely play host to regional and super-regional play in the NCAA Tournament. Regionals will be held the weekend of Commencement, which works out well for Erling's parents (two flights from Oslo costs a pretty krone - Norwegian currency, which, according to Google will fetch you about $0.20).