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Interview with Billy

Last week, Billy Chadwick answered some questions submitted by fans for Grove Side Q&A with It opened up with the all-too-neglected topic of tennis recruiting. Apparently, we've got the top-ranked player from Sweden coming in next year to add to our four returning players. Aside from him, Coach Chadwick only mentions "a couple of recruits that we are working on that we should get some answers on pretty soon." Nonetheless, he feels "very confident that we will have an excellent team next year."

Really, Billy? By my count, that's five people on our roster. Barring any injuries or illnesses that have plagued us this season, that still leaves us with a gaping hole. Granted, the season isn't even over yet, but I'd like a few more commits before I believe that we'll be "among the top 10 in the country" again. That is, unless we persuade former high school tennis star and newly discovered Ole Miss slugger, Jordan Henry, to make the trip from Swayze to Palmer/Salloum.

Speaking of which, with spin that would make Fox News proud, Chadwick commented, "The Palmer/Salloum Tennis Center is one of the nicest tennis centers in the country. What makes it nice is that it is a good size where we can pack it." Translation: IT'S TINY! There's no way it ranks among the top in the country. Perhaps, after the planned renovations, we can revisit this topic, but the only way I see that happening is the addition of the Powe-Tron.

On another note, the host sites for Regionals will be announced Tuesday afternoon, and The Library is giving away free food from 12:15 to 1:30. Free food? I'll be there.