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Grove Bowl Recap

Alright, Houston... let's chat. First off, I had to leave work early so I could race over to the Vaught and check out the Red/Blue game. No big deal. I'm excited about the Rebs again, the weather was gorgeous, and there were high school girls dressed to the nines all over the damn place. However, amazing as the day turned out to be, I was much less than thrilled to show up midway through the first quarter, only to see the first team Offense and Defense pounding on their backups. This is of course painfully boring unless you're the type of half-wit who tries to start a Hotty Toddy (at an inconsequential moment, no less) during the SPRING GAME. Here's the thing about that, H.D.N.: we're VERY familiar with losing. If you'll just let us think that we'll be terrible for four and a half more months, then manage to win seven or eight and go drub some shitty Big XII team in the Indy bowl, you can stay here FOREVER!!! So maybe let us see how Snead, Eason, Dex and co. do against their first team counterparts, rather than stirring up fan expectations via a 40-14 blowout... That's just me. Moving onward, here is my initial list of Grove Bowl observations...

1. Jevan Snead looks (quick, knock on wood!) pretty damn solid. 20-26 and two td's is nothing to scoff at, even against the 2nd team defense. Remember, Schaeffer/Lane/Spurlock/Adams were typically about 20-26 in completing passes to the ground or Craig Steltz.
2. Cordera Eason is probably not terrible. Enrique Davis might have to practice his 40 yard touchdown runs as the #2 back this fall, as Eason looks strong and quick. Backup Marcus Crockett also did some good things at tailback for the Red (2nd) team. Crockett's background is shrouded in mystery (meaning, he has no profile), and may in fact be Bruce Hall in disguise.
3. Tony Fein is likely to be the first SEC athlete arrested for a legal, on the field tackle. He isn't fast, but he is straight nasty. Unfortunately, his appeal to the NCAA to allow him to surgically replace his arms with two chainsaws has been denied.
4. Jesus God, Greg Hardy, earn your starting spot back already, this is fucking stupid.
5. Dex scored a nice looking TD on a slashing run out of the pistol, and also led all receivers on the day. As good as it is to have a guy that can do that (Mike Wallace also turned in a solid day), it was surprising to see so little out of Shay Hodge and Mike Hicks.
6. If we could get through a SPRING GAME with fewer than 10 special midfield presentations of awards to people no one gives a shit about, that'd be great. Thanks.

Anyways, feel free to add any relevant observations in the comments, as I was too entranced by the Pride of the South to pay any real attention to the game...