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The Gamecocks: I say, I say, I say ... they're doing alright!

South Carolina and Ole Miss' baseball programs took different routes this week. The Gamecocks (and people think "Rebels" is offensive) finished the series sweep of Auburn on Sunday and then finished the season sweep of their intra-state rival, Clemson, on Thursday. Ole Miss, meanwhile, got handled by the Corn Dog Kittens on Sunday before dropping another heartbreaker at Trustmark Park to A & M, prompting more than one Ole Miss fan to confusedly exclaim, "What the Flowood?"

So, late nine-game winning streak be darned, I am obviously a bit worried.

First, their Grove Bowl (Cock-Fest?) is this weekend. I actually think they call it the Garnet and Black Game. If I could see colors, I feel confident that I would think garnet to be a poor color choice for a football team. But I digress. The atmosphere at the their baseball game will likely be top-notch. No doubt some of the great football heroes of South Carolina lore will participate in the pre-game activities. Whoever those people might be.

And besides, it's hard playing on the road in the SEC. You might remember that until very recently, Vanderbilt had not swept an SEC road series since acid-washed jeans were cool.

Do I have any insight or analysis into this weekend's series? No. None at all. All I have is jokes, and even those aren't much to laugh at. But, here's the best I can come up with: if Drew Pomeranz continues to pitch lights out, and the Rebels score fifteen in the weekend, and there are no errors at shortstop, and Mike learns how to win the big game, then maybe we can take two of three.

And that would be acceptablicious.