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Dos pickos en el primer roundo

I told myself that I would leave this thing alone for the two weeks of law exams and let you people wallow in discontent. However, when a gem like this falls into your lap, it's just too much.

Andrew Perloff, of CNNSI, has decided that Ole Miss will have two first-round draft picks next year and hints at the possibility of a third. That's right. Two, maybe three. They are:

Michael Oher. Yeah, of course. We've known MIke was first-round talent since the day Shawn Tuhoy saw him on the mean streets of Memphis and "moved him on up." Barring injury, legal incident, or over-ingestion of Taco Bell's new 89 cent cheezy double beef burritos, Mike's gonna make it rain.

Peria Jerry. Really? 'Cuz I didn't see this part coming. Isn't he more likely to go on IR than the first round of the draft?

Perloff even mentions second-team all-American back-up Greg Hardy, whom he says "overshadows" Peria. Y'know who overshadows both of them? HINT: He's the 8,000 pound namesake of Ole Miss' new jumbotron who, if he can make C's in Underwater Basketweaving, Remedial Addition, and "Independent Study" to play one season of Ole Miss football, will be the idiot that makes way more money than you.

Anyway, when three Ole Miss players are mentioned in Mock First Round Drafts (even though it's 362 days before the next one), you know someone's on the Kool-Aid.