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A Controversial Thought

I know this will probably be an unpopular position to take on baseball, but there's someone I want to gain a bigger role who doesn't have one right now.

That's why I'm advocating a new Sunday Starter... Scott Bittle.

Now, hear me out.

Scott Bittle has been lights out in relief, and while I know it's great to have someone who can come out of the pen and give us what Bittle gives us, we have a lot of depth in relief, especially when we pitch our starters through 7 innings like it seems we're loving to do these days.

Here's the thing. I want to see Justin Cryer and Rory McKean in relief. Like Bittle, those two have pitched well in relief, and we barely even see them on weekends these days. It's Bittle twice and Cryer for an inning.

I just feel like if we can return Satterwhite to a relief role, it would work better. If our three starters headed into the weekend were Fri: Lynn, Sat: Pom, Sun: Bittle, I'm not sure there would be a game in which I didn't favor our team.

Our bats and fielding always take Sundays off, so if we had a star pitcher throwing that day, it may not be a lost cause every Sunday.

I'm sure Cody Satterwhite is going to throw a no-hitter today and prove me wrong, but I just haven't been happy with his outings thusfar this season. I mean, the kid was on Team USA this summer. Now he has the highest ERA of all our starters?