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Concession Concerns...

I love message boards. I recently read a post on the OMSB (Ole Miss Spirit Message Board) that I thought was especially representative of the types of posts that I like to read. Here it is in its entirety.

Is it time for Ole Miss to upgrade concession at sporting events

I don't know who is responsible for concessions at Sporting events but I think it is time for an evaluation and changes to be made. I thought the concessions were decent at the baseball park...They had decent hamburgers and chicken tender basket with French Fries.......They service was ok. Chips would be nice to go along with the hamburgers but weren't available.
Football concessions? What a mess. They need to upgrade the facilities. OM should take a lesson in concessions from Auburn. They seem to get it right in terms of appearance, selection, service and quality of food. I wish someone could enlighten us as to how the concession contract is given. Surely, the University can require standards in terms of quality and selection of food offered. At the prices they charge, they can afford decent quality and selection. And one more thing, the University needs to upgrade the appearance and food safety of concession areas. I have been to high school football games who have better concession areas than Ole Miss.

Now back to RSC....

I mean honestly... whoever it is that handles concessions at Ole Miss should be ashamed. Corky's? Hot dogs? FRENCH FRIES? NO CHIPS?!

How about some sort of chicken and pasta option? Also, there should be a wine tasting station. I don't think that's too much to ask at a baseball game. I think LSU has those things.

And you're right. Next on the list of athletic facilities to upgrade should be the Minute Maid frozen lemonade stand. That thing is downright embarrassing. We could at least brick or marble the front and make the pole that holds the umbrella into a column.

So in the end, it's a concession stand at a baseball or football game. I think I might like it less if the area was more aesthetically appealing. When I go to a game, I'm not going to the theatre. I'm going to watch someone hit someone or something... very hard. The aesthetics of a concession stand just really don't matter at all.