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Camaraderie at its Finest: Rebels at the Library

I like gettin' dranked as much as anybody and enjoy it especially for its ability to serve as a great equalizer; a unifier of men and women of all races, classes, and persuasions under the banner of "drunk." Last night while procuring a few bottles of brew and contributing to the delinquency of minors at the Square's Blind Pig Pub, I saw a few of our Rebel footballers drunkenly stumbling exiting the Library (no, not the one with books).

Being the curious Rebel fan/rogue blogger that I am, I engaged in conversation with these fine young athletes. My friends and I spoke primarily with OG Rishaw Johnson and DT Lawon Scott, who displayed the epitome of gentlemanly demeanor. They informed us that Jevan Snead, also present, could perform sexual intercourse with any female he desired; a testament to his virility. Rishaw was also certain to make it understood that Peria Jerry and Ted Laurent, along with their fellow defensive linemen, are indeed "badassed motherfuckers" who are quite difficult, if not impossible, to block. Lawon, being a defensive lineman himself, most assuredly adored the compliments of his drinking companion and was quick to return the favor. He praised the abilities of the offensive linemen where prepared to protect their quarterbacks and running backs with the zenith of skill and dedication. Their excitement did not at all wane as they began to praise the skills of our halfbacks, wide receivers, defensive backs and linebackers. They reassured us that, as a team, they were prepared to "fuck some motherfuckers up" and win the SEC. To say that these athletes have confidence in their personal abilities and the abilities of their teammates would be an understatement. The excitement of the conversation certainly created an aura of anticipation, friendship, and joy among myself, my friends, and our Rebel football team.

Rishaw then informed a young woman in our presence as to the size of his genitalia and his desire for procreation.

In short, my alcohol-fueled encounter with our Rebel football team was informing, rousing, and cordial.