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Buk is back

Sometimes I just do not understand. In 2006, Buk was the Saturday starter for our mighty Rebels. What I do not understand is how does someone get worse? He was a weekend starter as a redshirt freshman. As a sophomore, he got moved out of the weekend rotation in favor of Nathan Baker. As a junior, he is injured, but he has not really been good anyway.

Okay, okay. Enough with the negativity. On the positive front, it is believed that he shaved his "dirty Mexican" stash. Also, he should be recovered from his freak injury against TCU.

Tonight, he will lead the Rebels against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Ron Polk has lost 5 out of the last 6 games against the Rebels that were held in the greater-Jackson area. The best quote I saw on the message boards last year was, "Ron Polk wrote the textbook, but Mike Bianco is teaching the class."
So, the disgruntled Polk will try to win his last Governor's Cup.

The Rebels desperately need a win tonight, and a loss would absolutely kill the RPI. Midweek losses have plagued the Rebels already, and midweek success is a must if the Rebels want to host a regional for a fifth straight year.

State enters today's contest on a five game slide and with a 14-21 record (3-12 SEC).

As far as the numbers are concerned:
Brett Bukvich is lefty with a 1-1 record and an 8.10 ERA
Tyler Whitney is also a lefty with 0-0 record and 6.00 ERA

My doubts:
Brett Bukvich? Buk is a big question mark. He is terribly inconsistent. You never know though. He may come into today's game and treat it like Will Kline did in 2006 (shut out 1-0 win for the Rebels). Kline was less than spectacular before that great April day.

Cody Overbeck? His shins are hurting badly. He may not even play! This really hurts our batting order.

Michael Guerrero? To make things worse, the guy who hits behind Overbeck is hurting as well. He is probably out today with a foot injury.

You know what? Enough doubting for me. I'm gonna be positive about this. Buk has a great performance, and the Rebels gain momentum on their way to South Carolina.