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Audience Participation!

If you had to choose which of these men to whom you would submit yourself in idolatry, who would it be?

This weekend marks the university's zenith of past-glorification - Eli Manning/Patrick Willis Day, known to the rest of us as "The Grove Bowl" or if you're a hippie-loving, "We are ... Ole Miss" saying, Coulour Reuvoult-listening wrist-cutter, the "Red-Blue Game." Though, they haven't really done anything special this week, there is obviously some effort to recognize the contributions of Patrick Willis to football and Eli Manning to ... a well balanced diet? It's well-deserved. Willis led the league in tackles or something. Manning led the league in miraculous catches by David Tyree. Much love to each.

My question is, should RSC honor Manning or Willis (or neither) as Rebel of the Week. Which (if either) deserves deification and immortality at the hands of The Cup? Respond below (or don't ... at your peril!).