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And now for something completely different!

Calling Ole Miss' weekend sweep of Vanderbilt a "turning point" is probably a bit much. A top team in the Southeastern Conference should never be satisfied with less than a series win at home, so really we only won one more game than we should expect out of our gold standard athletic team.

But 34 hits in one weekend is something completely different.

Completely different from losing a home series against Florida and coming within a cow's fart of getting no-hit by what is shaping up to be a pretty bad Mississippi State team. Yeah, that's a bit different. And nothing says "different's not always bad" like Mike Bianco in April.

So, now we've got a pretty good South Alabama squad for mid-week and the Cajun Corn-dog Cavalcade this weekend. I'll call it a turn-around if we're still in sole possession of first-place in the West after this weekend. But, the South Alabama games are also important. There are seven non-conference games left, and two wins over the Jags will help our post-season resume.

Anyway, hats go off (I can't resist) to Drew Pomeranz and Fuller Smith who had monster weekends. But, to extend the metaphor, we're not yet "turned around." In fact, we're in the middle of a 3/4 turn, which means that our driver's side is exposed to on-coming traffic. Y'ever been broadsided in the middle of a 3/4 turn? Me neither, but I bet it sucks. And before your side-curtain airbag of optimism gets exploded all over my face when we drop two to LSU this weekend, I'm going to remain safely on the sidelines and wait for Mike Bianco to start winning the big game.