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AK's Safe!: LSU Hires Trent Johnson

ABC 26 reports that LSU has hired Stanford Coach Trent Johnson to take up the reigns left by John Brady.

I, along with all the other Ole Miss fans am putting out a sigh of relief. Andy Kennedy was rumored to be on their short list. Think of the torture it would have been to see Andy Kennedy go to Red Stick and beat Ole Miss year in and year out.

I don't know a whole lot about Trent Johnson other than he only won more than Stanford made the Sweet 16 this season. Here is Johnson's record by year at Stanford (stolen from Wikipedia)

2004-2005 Stanford 18-13 11-7
NCAA First Round
2005-2006 Stanford 16-14 11-7
NIT Second Round
2006-2007 Stanford 18-13 10-8
NCAA First Round
2007-2008 Stanford 28-8 13-5
Pac-10 Tournament runner-up; NCAA Sweet Sixteen

He's certainly good, but let's look at John Brady's record at LSU.

1997–1998 LSU 9-18 2-14 6th (West)
1998–1999 LSU 12-15 4-12 6th (West)
1999–2000 LSU 28-6 12-4 1st (West) NCAA Sweet 16
2000–2001 LSU 13-16 2-14 6th (West)
2001–2002 LSU 19-15 6-10 T-4th (West) NIT 2nd Round
2002–2003 LSU 21-11 8-8 T-2nd (West) NCAA 1st Round
2003–2004 LSU 18-11 8-8 T-2nd (West) NIT 1st Round
2004–2005 LSU 20-10 12-4 T-1st (West) NCAA 1st Round
2005–2006 LSU 27-9 14-2 1st (West) NCAA Final Four
2006–2007 LSU 17-15 5-11 6th (West)
2007–2008 LSU 8-13 1-6 6th (West)

Granted, Brady had a terrible year this year. 8-13 as a coach is awful. Still, it's one bad year due to a lot of injuries. I'm just not sure that Trent Johnson is significantly better than a coach who took LSU to the final four three years ago.