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Rebel Roundup

Houston, we have a piece of pointless journalism. Yahoo has written a storythat is, obstensibly, about Houston Nutt. It is, in actuality, a book report on the 2007 Ole Miss Football Media Guide. If you were at all confused about the last fifty years of UM Football history, that information has been, finally, synthesized for you over at Yahoo Sports.

Role-playing...not just for sexually frustrated Gen-Xers anymore. Parrish Alford has a piece on Zach Graham and Rodney Jones detailing their contributions to the men's basketball team this season. Yeah ... I guess. I'm sure that journalists covering Ole MIss are running out of things to say about Dwayne Curtis and Chris Warren, and I'm happy that Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Jones have more fodder for their scrapbooks and refrigerator doors, but really? Nothing about, y'know, someone who gets in the game? This raises the age old question, "Does Parrish Alford watch Ole Miss sports?" The world may never know.

What's the Matta, Thad? Clarion Ledger has a story the headline of which claims to be about Ohio State's young team, but is, in reality, about how bad it must suck to go from the National Championship Game in 2007 to the NIT Final Four in 2008. Why do I feel optimistic about our chances against Ohio State? Well, one reason is because meek Ole Miss and its fans are excited about the NIT, while Ohio State is ready to do anything to avoid having to play Florida in anything ever again.

Really, ESPN? I think Ole MIss fans know that the national sports media enjoy pointing at us and laughing. Often with good reason - we have a way of sucking. But why do they have to point out our futility in sports no one cares about? Like this preview of Van Chancellor and LSU's Women's NCAA Game against North Carolina. Why, ESPN, did you have to bring up that Chancellor couldn't make a Final Four in, like, fifty years at Ole Miss, but is dangerously close to doing so in his first year at LSU? I know that nobody will read your stories about women's basketball, but I can't help feel the sting, ESPN.