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Rebel Roundup

Is Your Team Still Playing, Rick? I hope that trip to North Little Rock was slick, Stansbury, because the Rebels are going to the 'ship. Or, at least the semi-finals. Of the NIT. Here is coverage from the Richmond Times Dispatch. And here is David Brandt's recap in The Clarion Ledger.

It's all about the kids. Yancy has this conversation with the head coach of Amite County High School Charles Jackson regarding OL recruit Gabriel Jackson. He was pretty candid saying things like, "USM offered him too, but he is not going there," and "I am not really that attracted with MSU or Ole Miss. I feel strong towards LSU and Auburn, but I am not pushing him to either one."

Vote for Miss Angela! Vote or die! Vote or die! Dwayne Curtis is a finalist for the Cellular South Howell Trophy for the most outstanding collegiate basketball player in the Magnolia State. The Daily Journal tells you how to skew the results in his favor.

But don't get too excited folks... because when it comes to Ole Miss athletics there's always some jerk who will remind us about this.