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Pre-season Polls

So, I recently read an article about the Small Ten that you can find here. The part that stood out the most was this little gem in regards to Ohio State.

"National title or bust. Georgia will probably be everyone's preseason No. 1 team, and maybe USC, Oklahoma, Florida, or a random other team will get a few nods for the top spot, but no team comes back as loaded or as talented as Ohio State. A win at USC might be a must to make the trip to Miami, and if this team really wants to be a national champion, that's a game it has to win."

Yeah. They're loaded alright... loaded with players that were stomped by Florida AND LSU (the first with a 41-14 devastating loss and the second with a more modest 38-24 loss that caused the reaction in the picture.) As the article so reasonably points out, UGA is the favorite headed into this season. Are they going to have to be the ones who bring down tOSU (the most talented team in America)?

Ohio State - Winless in bowls against SEC schools...

But this is not Ohio State's fault obviously. It's journalists like this that make things like this possible. Seriously, if I see another pre-season poll that puts tOSU in the top 5... heck, the top 10, I will make a call to one laser-sighted glock wielding ex-rebel/tiger and ask him to off the guy. The only thing this does is further demean a conference that was good at one time and just can't compete anymore.