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Need a Quick Pick-Me-Up?

Just schedule Memphis in baseball! That's what the Rebels did, and they will be in the hunt for the 17th win of the season tomorrow night at Autozone Park.

This team, who got swept at Marshall by a Thundering Herd that had won nine big ol' games going into the weekend, is truly, epically bad. Being the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of Conference USA has got to be a tough pill to swallow. But Head Coach Daron Schoenrock hopes that outfitting the players in normal baseball clothes (as opposed to the jean shorts the team wore to their Thundering Beatdown in Charleston, W. Va) will produce a marginally respectable result against Ole Miss.

The Tigers are batting .241 as a team with only two guys breaking the .300 mark. All their starters have losing records, and they lost that last game at Marshall 1-11.

Check out their up-to-date statistics here, and go here to place your bets on whether the Diamond Tigers will be able to lose as many games as the Roundball Tigers win!