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Mississippi State's Offense: As Potent as Ginger Ale

Coach CroomS and his band of Bulldogs concluded spring practice this weekend with the annual Maroon and White game and, per SI, Mississippi State is slated to have a terribly anemic offense for the second season running.

"I'm not judging anything based on today," CroomS said after the game. Unfortunately for him, everyone else doesn't work that way and the writing is all over the wall: your offense sucks, again.

Robert Elliot, heir apparent to the impossible-to-fill-throne left vacant by Jerious Norwood two seasons ago and "rocker of the two" only rushed for a pathetic 15 yards, the highest rushing total of any back State put out there. Furthermore, the Maroon (1st team) offense committed four turnovers and no kicker successfully attempted a field goal. The scrimage ended at 0-0 and had to go into an overtime to determine a "winner."

Of course we could sit here and talk about the virtues of a good, playmaking defense and fill our heads with delusions like "defense wins championships" but let's not kid ourselves, an offense like this must be agonizing for a fanbase.

The seeming offensive MVP of the spring game was White team quarterback Tyson Lee who was 12 of 21 for 127 yards with an interception.... during a fake game. And yes, the puppies are drooling over this. The astute "leeinator" of Gene's Page even compared Lee to Mizzou's Heisman contending Chase Daniel saying that he seemed "not real tall, but pretty darn quick, strong arm, reasonably accurate. Just seemed to make a play when there wasn't much there. Looked as good as anything I've seen on our team within the last year."

And speaking of last year, many of us (Alabama?) will recall how State's defense provides for narrow, bullshit-laden victories and must-changethechannel-TV. Yes, State did go to a bowl game and yes, they won. But keep in mind that the best team the CUSA could muster up had a defense powerful enough to keep State out of the endzone until the 4th quarter.

How in Hell did Kentucky, Alabama, Auburn and (yes) we Rebels lose to that? If the spring game is an indicator of anything (when realistically it isn't, but let's just pretend), I'm guessing Starkville will be even more depressing this upcoming fall.

Mississippi State offense, you've been CROOMZXOR3D!!!1~