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We stalk you through the intrawebs

If you'll look at the bottom of our right-hand side menu you'll see that we've installed a small hit counter. For every IP address that views our page in a certain time period it registers one hit...

Where Do We Stack Up? Quarterbacks

Again, summertime isn't the best time for a Southern sportswriter (can we call ourselves that now? I just did, I guess); anything football related seems a little rushed. However, having almost...

Internets Available in Arkansas: Accessed by Hog Fans Part Deux

With regards to Houston Nutt, Arkansas fans have the demeanor of a jilted ex-lover. They absolutely despise him and want everyone out there to know it. Yet, despite the animosity, they secretly...

Discussion's over, we're gettin' ads!

If they all look like this, of course.One can either click or pray to Allah for biggification.On one of the many Rebel message boards out there I saw a plug for Rebel Talk, a new set of Ole Miss...

Construction Updates

These are pictures taken July 1, 2008 of the baseball stadium expansion and the PoweTron/removal of ArceneauxTron.A few things to note: they've taken out the seats, the awning has been removed to...

SEC Fan Base Power Rankings

While doing nothing, I decided to start an internet fight... with everyone.Here's the deal: I've spent a fair amount of time observing SEC sports. Certainly, many of you have paid greater attention...

NCAA 09: An Ole Miss Review

NOTE: If I figure out how to save XBox screen captures, I'll post some pictures 'n' shit. For now, this is purely textual.My addiction to pixellated Ole Miss football recently relapsed with a...

RSC Visits the Volunteer State

EDITOR'S NOTE: We know a lot of you don't give a shit as to what exactly we're doing with our summers. We don't care. We need to pass the time somehow.After leaving Asheville, Whiskey Wednesday and...

Peria Jerry's Legion of Despair

In this morning's Rebel Roundup, I referred to our Defensive Line as "Peria Jerry's Legion of Despair." To see what how I envision these kinds of things while I sit in my cubicle, click the below...

Blogger Q&A - The Red Solo Cup

For our bye-week, I have conducted the weekly blogger question and answer exchange with Juco All-American of The Red Solo Cup, an Ole Miss Blog with a bit of an attitude ;)My questions and his...

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