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David Huertas Could be a Pirate

I'm sure you've all heard the rumors that SG David Huertas has plans on going "pro" after this school year.  Some folks say it's 100%, some folks say that we're not really sure, and other folks...

Boda de Eli - ¡Que sexy!

Eli's had a pretty kickass year thus far. After beating the juggernaut New England Patriots and being named MVP in what most people will remember as the SINGLE. GREATEST. SUPERBOWL. EVER. he...

...Ole Miss (part 2 of Tuesday's "We Are...")

After pouting about last night's post for a little while, I was struck with the urge to get dranked out of my cotton-pickin' mind. So I did. And I didn't sleep much. As I finally settled into bed,...

Tar Heel Tennis - What You Need to Know

Let's start with an editorial note:GOOD GOD! THIS IS THE THIRD TENNIS POST IN A ROW!But, Friday morning Rebel Nation will continue its most reasonable hope for a national championship in anything...

The RSC's Travel Guide: Miami, FL

GUNS! WEED! HOLLA! The Diamond Rebs are headed to America's 2nd or 3rd favorite port city: Miami! This upcoming weekend's regional should be exciting for all in attendance due to beautiful weather,...

Football Euthenasia

I happen to know that a few State fans casually peruse the cup, so, in an effort at equal opportunity, let me note at the beginning that this little bit is not about the Pop Warner expansion teams...

The Red Solo Cup is not in line with Maoist ideals

DuNing, a regular NAFOOM poster and a pretty kickass guy (he doesn't realize that I actually know him personally), is in everyone's favorite/least favorite east Asian country and claims that the...

We stalk you through the intrawebs

If you'll look at the bottom of our right-hand side menu you'll see that we've installed a small hit counter. For every IP address that views our page in a certain time period it registers one hit...

A Red Solo Cup History Lesson

According to many folks on the outside looking in, we're a bunch of bigots. Oftentimes, folks in Starkville, Baton Rouge, Tuscaloosa, and other places make said argument. But, are they justified...

Discussion's over, we're gettin' ads!

If they all look like this, of course.One can either click or pray to Allah for biggification.On one of the many Rebel message boards out there I saw a plug for Rebel Talk, a new set of Ole Miss...

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