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Thanks, but no thanks.


Dan McDonnell has been offered, and has rejected, an offer to become the head baseball coach at Auburn. McDonnell, the former Ole Miss Recruiting Coordinator and Hitting Coach who took Louisville...

Head Baseball Coaching Search at Auburn


So, the Ear Capital of Alabama (a name I'm trying to popularize) is short a baseball coach right now. The Tigers were pretty wretched on the diamond this season and are in the market. Lots of names...

Where Do We Stack Up? Quarterbacks


Again, summertime isn't the best time for a Southern sportswriter (can we call ourselves that now? I just did, I guess); anything football related seems a little rushed. However, having almost...

Where Do We Stack Up? Wide Receivers


The SEC East is the passing division of the conference. While there have certainly been prolific quarterbacks (The Mannings sans Peyton, Pat Sullivan, Joe Namath) and wide receivers (Don Hutson,...

Corralling the West, Week 1


We won. You should know this by now. More to come later whenever Whiskey Wednesday shakes off his hangover. They're also the third best engineering program in all of Louisiana! You know how a lot...

Live to Win!


Thanks to EDSBS, we're now able to bring you a "highlight" video of the Mississippi State Auburn matchup. Remember, highlight reels usually consist of big plays, game-changing hits, and something...

Auburn Hate Week Begins... NOW


It's on, you greasy rapscallions. After Saturday, you're going to wish you never made the trip up to Oxford. You're all gonna be like "oh man if having Alabama-cock-envy isn't bad enough, now we've...

TLV #66 - Extra Spooky Edition


The Red Solo Cup made the front cover of this edition of The Local Voice with our list of Ole Miss-related Halloween costume ideas. Click the image for a PDF or, if you're too lame to read the rest...

Tommy Tuberville: Can you really hate him?


The simple answer is "well, of course... he's a dick."Ah, yes, the Pine Box. Certainly, Tubs hasn't garnered much of a reputation of "honesty" or "humility" and he left Oxford in an epically...

Post Game: Auburn


11:30 AM kickoff the day after Halloween? Ouch. Friday night ended at 4:00 AM for this devoted bloggeur, and 9:30 rolled around far too soon. JUCO and I had debated not attending the game, and...

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