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Feel Our Wrath, Tennis Selection Committee!


Over the last week, we have challenged our readers to let the NCAA Mens Tennis Selection Committee members (namely one Ms. Sybil Blalock) know how frustrated, confused, and angered we are by their...

The Bobbie Massie Saga: A Bloggeur's Take


Alabama fans are upset that they lost prized recruit Bobbie Massie to Ole Miss. An Ole Miss blogger gives his point of view and hopes that the vitriol surrounding this issue will end.

The Cup Remembers: Whiskey Wednesday's Post-game Reports


Whiskey Wednesday, the drunkenly eloquent ying to Ivory Tower's soberingly wordy yang,  has garnered an interesting e-reputation while contributing to the Cup.  If you were to ask the most...

Camaraderie at its Finest: Rebels at the Library


I like gettin' dranked as much as anybody and enjoy it especially for its ability to serve as a great equalizer; a unifier of men and women of all races, classes, and persuasions under the banner...

Internets Available in Arkansas: Accessed by Hog Fans Part Deux


With regards to Houston Nutt, Arkansas fans have the demeanor of a jilted ex-lover. They absolutely despise him and want everyone out there to know it. Yet, despite the animosity, they secretly...

All sorts of fun things are out there on the Intrawebs


I'm not at work today (huzzah!) which means that I've got plenty of time to sleep in, play NCAA, and surf the worlds largest distraction machine, the internet. Over the last few hours, I've found...

SEC Power Poll: Preseason Poll/Special Coaches Edition


As an Ole Miss-oriented blog, the Red Solo Cup is a part of the SEC Power Poll. The Power Poll is a power ranking of the SEC football teams put together by the gentlemen at Garnet and Black Attack....

Happy Anniversary...


Happy Anniversary to Billy Cannon.Cannon is the former Heisman Trophy-winning halfback for the LSU Bayou Bengals. Cannon led LSU to its first national championship in 1958 and, famously, returned a...

Corralling the West, Week 1


We won. You should know this by now. More to come later whenever Whiskey Wednesday shakes off his hangover. They're also the third best engineering program in all of Louisiana! You know how a lot...

Post-game Analysis


I had surgery Friday morning under general anesthesia. Not only was I still tired and sore Saturday, I couldn’t drink, what with all the painkillers swimming in my system. I tell you that to tell...

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