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Jevan Snead: A Quarterback Killed...

Jevan Snead: A Quarterback Killed, or one who was not that good to begin with? Red Cup Rebellion analyzes Jevan Snead's statistics as an Ole Miss Rebel in order to determine why the collegiate football world ever thought Snead was something elite.

More specifically, Scandanavia

As promised by Ivory Tower, I bring more discussion of the Ole Miss SEC Champion tennis team. The Rebs got sweet revenge on Sunday afternoon after a series of unfortunate events led to a loss at...

The Key to Ole Miss Athletic Success: Western Europe

I assume that 25 Days A Week will have something more substantive for you in the near future, but until he does it falls on me to note that Ole Miss won an SEC Championship in ... something.Yes!...

...Ole Miss (part 2 of Tuesday's "We Are...")

After pouting about last night's post for a little while, I was struck with the urge to get dranked out of my cotton-pickin' mind. So I did. And I didn't sleep much. As I finally settled into bed,...

May Madness

That's right. It's that time of the year again, when all attention turns away from life as we know it and to the biggest, most hyped tournament of the year--the NCAA Tennis Tournament. After the...

Dang't Mike Bianco

It just keeps getting uglier for the Rebels, and I am sick of it, Mike Bianco. The big problem is that we suck. I said it. We suck. We cannot get clutch hits, and we cannot field the ball. Heck, we...

I still hate you Mike Bianco

Saturday's game was a complete tease. The back and forth was almost unbearable. This is how bad it was: I almost though Cody Satterwhite was a good pitcher. Then, the collapse happened. That is the...

We Are....Ole Miss

The Ghost of Jay Cutler, Ivory Tower, and I made the trip to Hoover for the first two games, and all I can say is wow. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am very critical of Mike Bianco, but I...

Don't blame Larry Templeton

Many posters on scout and rivals blame Larry Templeton for our regional draw. As you already know, we are going to face off against Missouri on Friday. If we win, we will play the winner of Miami...

Pre-Season All-Conference Selections

Phil Steele's has released its All-American and All-SEC selections, a release of the full details is available over at the official Ole Miss Athletics website. The most notable inclusions are...

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