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Ghost Interviews Jerrell Powe

Recently, I (maybe, maybe not) had the distinguished pleasure of interviewing Ole Miss Defensive Tackle Jerrell Powe.  What follows after the jump is the transcription of our (not) real interview...

Rebel Roundup: The Powe Diet, Schadenfreude, etc.

Terrico White Named Freshman All-American - Several media outlets have tabbed the freshman basketball phenom to their All-American teams.  Congrats are in order for Terrico, but the...

Jerrell Powe Sighting.

I spotted Jerrell Powe in the Grove. He was conversing with some little girl that he could eat for breakfast. They were joking about his girth. He said, "Nah, but a do weight a lot, though."Really,...

Call the tabloids! Powe can write!

Holy. Fucking. Shit.That's right. Photographic evidence that Jerrell Powe can indeed write. Take THAT NCAA compliance offices!

Red/Blue/Manning/Willis/Fireworks/ChangingtheCultureofAlcohol Preview!!!!@3

So if you're looking for a great weekend in Oxford this spring... this may not be it. Avett Brothers headline Double Decker, and will easily be the best act in DD history, as far as I'm concerned....

Chris Strong is gone, Powe is (fingers crossed) in, and some Schadenfreude

Coach O was a recruiting guru. Coach O was not, however, a getting-students-to-go-to-class guru. Chris Strong, the crown jewel of last years signing class, has withdrawn from school and will not...

The Powe Tron: Probably not gonna suckafterall!

I don't have any sort of definite source to verify this, but the recent scuttlebutt surrounding the Powe-Tron is that Daktronics, the company responsible for scoreboards at Georgia, Texas, and n...

Po' no mo?

If it's in The Curious Index it must be true...

The Wish List: Richard Scruggs

Now that Ole Miss alum Richard Scruggs has been sentenced for his role in a Mississippi judicial bribery scandal, he has caught the eye of the staff here at Red Solo Cup.We're sure that Scruggs...

Has it ever gotten to this point in years past?

Parrish Alford is reporting that Jerrell Powe has been cleared to play. He's just awaiting a formal call from the SEC at this point.I'm not sure we've ever had an actual news source report that...

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