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POST GAME - Alabama


Alabama 22, Ole Miss 3 - A belated post-game report from Red Cup Rebellion.

The Cup Remembers: Whiskey Wednesday's Post-game Reports


Whiskey Wednesday, the drunkenly eloquent ying to Ivory Tower's soberingly wordy yang,  has garnered an interesting e-reputation while contributing to the Cup.  If you were to ask the most...

Post-game Analysis


I had surgery Friday morning under general anesthesia. Not only was I still tired and sore Saturday, I couldn’t drink, what with all the painkillers swimming in my system. I tell you that to tell...

Post-'Game' Report


Well Ole Miss fans... wonder why 'game' is in quotations in the title? Games have a set system of rules, adhered to in the spirit of equitable competition. Then there was this 'game...' It started...

Post-Game Report: Samford (seriously??)


A well distributed factoid around the Ole Miss camp this week was that the last time Samford played a BCS opponent, a mediocre Georgia Tech team with a soon-to-be unemployed coach hung 69 points on...

Post-Game Report (finally)


So here we are: I had all kinds of things to write about last night, but most of them resided, along with the sick feeling in your gut that surely, all of us felt (at least those of us who actually...

Post Game


Once again, sorry for the late post game. Too busy enjoying what many have called the best weekend in the history of the University. Those of my friends that are aware of my writing on this here...

Post Game: South Carolina


Well. Here we are again, Rebel fans. Sunday has come and gone, and the post game report is well overdue. There will generally be two reasons for this: 1.) incredible, party-inducing upset. 2.)...

Post game tidbits


Whiskey Wednesday will (hopefully) deliver his usual, profanity-laden post game report as soon as he wakes from his somewhat comatose state. Until then, I'll give you these post game tidbits.1....

Post Game: Auburn


11:30 AM kickoff the day after Halloween? Ouch. Friday night ended at 4:00 AM for this devoted bloggeur, and 9:30 rolled around far too soon. JUCO and I had debated not attending the game, and...

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