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The Root of All Evil: Money or Ryan Perrillouxzzr?

HA HA! Trick question, Lewis Black, they are one in the same. And now Coach Les Miles has pulled another one out of his hat, unsuspending his star domestic abuser and chronic gambler quarterback....

Every day is April Fool's day for Perrillouxzzr!

Ryan Perrillouxzzr continues to think he's too cool for school and is yet to practice during LSU spring drills. Apparently, Les "El Sombrero" Miles set forth a set of guidelines for the Bayou...

Les Miles: You Only Thought He Had Cajones.

This is ... this is just ... just too good to be true.So, we all know how much Ryan Perrilloux totally blows. The answer: a lot. And, just in case you're too busy to click the links (which are a...

Say it ain't so, Perrillouxzzr!

The AJC reports that the "greatest quarterback ever to sign with LSU" was just kicked off the team by head coach Les Miles due to not fulfilling his "obligation as an LSU student-athlete".I'm sure...

Corralling the West: LSU, Arky (fixed), and State

The SEC truly is the conference which writes its own tabloid entries. That's why we're going to occasionally focus on what's going on around the conference to fill you, our faithful readers, in on...

Stories of Character: Ryan Perrilloux

As told by the 504 BoyzAs long as he could remember, back to his days reppin' ho's in East Texas Indian Casinos, Ryan Perrilloux had one dream - go to the University of Texas at Austin on a...

My God, My God....

Why have you blessed LSU so much? (Matthew 27:46) Ok, well maybe not, but why LSU? There are few people with less class, trashiness, and no collection of people less deserving of joy than those...

Where Do We Stack Up? Quarterbacks

Again, summertime isn't the best time for a Southern sportswriter (can we call ourselves that now? I just did, I guess); anything football related seems a little rushed. However, having almost...

Corralling the West: Bad Boys, Bad Boys

This has been an incredibly active off season in the jail cells of the SEC West. Baton Rouge just purged the Perrillouxxr, Mississippi State players carried guns on campus, Ole Miss athletes got...

NCAA 09: A Preview of sorts

I recently downloaded the demo for NCAA 09 from XBox Live and, after perusing the game, I'm certain this version of NCAA is going to be one of the best yet. Many of the biggest problems with the 08...

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