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Draft Talk: Michael Oher


Ole Miss LT Michael Oher is one of the top NFL draft prospects. What do Ole Miss fans feel about his potential NFL suitors?

Spring Practice: The Lines


Man... I hate this. I watch practice and start to think we're really good. I'm so hopeful for this season. Of course, we'll end up winning 5 games or some crap like that. However, this post is...

Red/Blue/Manning/Willis/Fireworks/ChangingtheCultureofAlcohol Preview!!!!@3


So if you're looking for a great weekend in Oxford this spring... this may not be it. Avett Brothers headline Double Decker, and will easily be the best act in DD history, as far as I'm concerned....

We are...


Spring is in the air! The girls have traded in Uggs for Rainbows, Spirit posters are arguing about mascots and establishing all-girl cheer squads, baseball team is underachieving way ahead of...

Dos pickos en el primer roundo


I told myself that I would leave this thing alone for the two weeks of law exams and let you people wallow in discontent. However, when a gem like this falls into your lap, it's just too much.A...

Numbers: Reportedly Batting 1.000 on the 9th Commandment.


Here's something to make you feel good.Ivan Maisel writes...One of the best hidden statistics I have found for determining the success of a college football team is the number of cumulative starts...

The Conerly Trophy is a bit of a joke, but who cares?


Last night Juan Joseph, quarterback at Division III Millsaps was awarded the Cellular South Conerly Trophy. Joseph beat out Michael Oher, a four-year starter at left tackle, and Peria Jerry, the...

Add a Different Two More


Michael Oher and Peria Jerry were named AP All Americans today.First team, lawya!No word yet on whether Millsaps quarterback Juan Joseph was honored as an All American.Snubs are in the past,...

Game Day


I'm a lot of things right now.I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm focused. And I'm pissed.I'm sick of a vast majority of the mainstream media downplaying our Rebels. I'm sick of fairweather Rebel fans...

Recruiting Analysis: Offensive Line


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the live blog with us. It went over really well and it was a lot of fun. We'll have to do it again sometime.Second of all, we've...

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