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Insider Analysis: Ron Polk Resigns

After the surprise resignation of Mississippi State University baseball coach Ron Polk on Thursday, many diamond-ball fans in the Magnolia State have wondered why the all-time winning coach in SEC...

Euphamism Makes Guns Safer

Left Tackle Michael Brown and Defensive Tackle Quinton Wesley have been dismissed from Mississippi State's football team pending an investigation into a "campus incident involving two handguns." A...

Mississippi State's Offense: As Potent as Ginger Ale

Coach CroomS and his band of Bulldogs concluded spring practice this weekend with the annual Maroon and White game and, per SI, Mississippi State is slated to have a terribly anemic offense for the...

Hooray for Mediocrity

The Ole Miss Rebels managed to be one of the last 18 teams playing in college basketball this season as they advanced to the Final Four in the prestigious National Invitation Tournament....

What'd I Do?

Only a little over a week after kicking himself out of baseball generally, Mississippi State Head Coach Ron Polk was prematurely retired against his will from not one, not two, but three games in...

Suck it State...

Guns, bitches!Recently, two projected starters were kicked off of Mississippi State's football team for a gun-related incident.One was Left Tackle Mike Brown who was really the only legitimate...

Yeah, we can be good at things too

Yeah, Ole Miss baseball had a great weekend. Believe me. I'm absolutely ecstatic. You know who else had a great weekend? The tennis team, who have now won (that's a palindrome) seven straight SEC...

Big-boned Bulldogs

According to an irreputable e-Zine an organization of journalists of the highest quality and integrity, Mississippi State is the third fattest university in America. This comes to no shock to me...

"Hi, I'm Ron, and I have a problem."

"Sometimes, son, all you can do is cry. But, remember, save some tears for Tuesday - we're gonna need 'em."Something in Starkville smells like Dudy Noble. This weekend, Vanderbilt, a team that...

Kendrick Hardy: An Addendum

While my lesser-intelligent counterpart pointed out that Kendrick Hardin (sic) made a relatively interesting statement about the only position at which we will have 2 4+ star players and 3 3-star...

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