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The Root of All Evil: Money or Ryan Perrillouxzzr?

HA HA! Trick question, Lewis Black, they are one in the same. And now Coach Les Miles has pulled another one out of his hat, unsuspending his star domestic abuser and chronic gambler quarterback....

Every day is April Fool's day for Perrillouxzzr!

Ryan Perrillouxzzr continues to think he's too cool for school and is yet to practice during LSU spring drills. Apparently, Les "El Sombrero" Miles set forth a set of guidelines for the Bayou...

Les Miles: You Only Thought He Had Cajones.

This is ... this is just ... just too good to be true.So, we all know how much Ryan Perrilloux totally blows. The answer: a lot. And, just in case you're too busy to click the links (which are a...

And now for something completely different!

Calling Ole Miss' weekend sweep of Vanderbilt a "turning point" is probably a bit much. A top team in the Southeastern Conference should never be satisfied with less than a series win at home, so...

AK's Safe!: LSU Hires Trent Johnson

ABC 26 reports that LSU has hired Stanford Coach Trent Johnson to take up the reigns left by John Brady.I, along with all the other Ole Miss fans am putting out a sigh of relief. Andy Kennedy was...

Mmm...Deep Fried Corn Meal

Fine-tune your Orgeron impressions and spend a little time hanging out in the snack bar area at Wal-Mart (to adjust yourself to the smell) because the Bayou Bengals invade stink up Oxford this...

My take on the LSU Game Name-game Extraordinaire

The Ole Miss Associated Student Body has gotten together with the LSU Student Government and decided that our annual game needs to be a more "official" rivalry, y'know with a name and a trophy and...

My God, My God....

Why have you blessed LSU so much? (Matthew 27:46) Ok, well maybe not, but why LSU? There are few people with less class, trashiness, and no collection of people less deserving of joy than those...

Schadenfreude: The Ultimate Moral Victory

It takes a truly sensational person to become "that guy" at an LSU tailgate. These next three assholes do just that:This guy just literally loses the ability to stand. In addition, I cannot fail to...

The Red Solo Cup is not in line with Maoist ideals

DuNing, a regular NAFOOM poster and a pretty kickass guy (he doesn't realize that I actually know him personally), is in everyone's favorite/least favorite east Asian country and claims that the...

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