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Euphamism Makes Guns Safer

Left Tackle Michael Brown and Defensive Tackle Quinton Wesley have been dismissed from Mississippi State's football team pending an investigation into a "campus incident involving two handguns." A...

Mississippi State's Offense: As Potent as Ginger Ale

Coach CroomS and his band of Bulldogs concluded spring practice this weekend with the annual Maroon and White game and, per SI, Mississippi State is slated to have a terribly anemic offense for the...

Big-boned Bulldogs

According to an irreputable e-Zine an organization of journalists of the highest quality and integrity, Mississippi State is the third fattest university in America. This comes to no shock to me...

Kendrick Hardy: An Addendum

While my lesser-intelligent counterpart pointed out that Kendrick Hardin (sic) made a relatively interesting statement about the only position at which we will have 2 4+ star players and 3 3-star...

...Ole Miss (part 2 of Tuesday's "We Are...")

After pouting about last night's post for a little while, I was struck with the urge to get dranked out of my cotton-pickin' mind. So I did. And I didn't sleep much. As I finally settled into bed,...

Corralling the West: LSU, Arky (fixed), and State

The SEC truly is the conference which writes its own tabloid entries. That's why we're going to occasionally focus on what's going on around the conference to fill you, our faithful readers, in on...

A Bit Harsh

I understand that living in Starkville is a difficult thing to do. I've been there. Seen it. Smelled it. It drives some to drink, others to indiscriminate barnyard sex, and still others to breaking...

Tuesday Question

Continuing in the "Hard to Write about Football in July" theme, let's try our hand at questions. Today's question isWho has the most favorable schedule in 2008? Mississippi State or Ole Miss?Say...

Just Tradin' Amongst Ourselves

Looking for something to put on that there dorm wall which is so lately bare? Hey Jenny Slater has some brand new merchandise ready for framin' inluding this little gem...God bless the blogosphere,...

SEC Power Poll: Preseason Poll/Special Coaches Edition

As an Ole Miss-oriented blog, the Red Solo Cup is a part of the SEC Power Poll. The Power Poll is a power ranking of the SEC football teams put together by the gentlemen at Garnet and Black Attack....

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