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SEC + YouTube = Fun on the intertubes!


Houston "Bust-a" Nutt is featured on this snippet of College Gameday. Enjoy!*snicker* *snicker* *snicker*

Red/Blue/Manning/Willis/Fireworks/ChangingtheCultureofAlcohol Preview!!!!@3


So if you're looking for a great weekend in Oxford this spring... this may not be it. Avett Brothers headline Double Decker, and will easily be the best act in DD history, as far as I'm concerned....

A Message from Rev. Nutt


Brothers and Sisters, I want to welcome you again to our house of worship. Today, my brethren, I want to talk about sin. Yes, it permeates our very existence and attacks even the strongest among...

Wait a minute, you mean our new coach's name can be used in a lot of puns?!?! Well God damn, call the Inkspot this second!


I rarely slip into sudden fits of violent vomiting, but these new, incredibly embarrassing Houston Nutt related tees are just about to get me there. You've seen these things on the backs of...

Recruit Quote of the Week


Since it is summer I figured we should start a new tradition hear on RSC for awhile, that being the recruiting quote of the week. This can either come from a fan, analyst, or from a recruit...

Houston Nutt Remix


HOU - STON - NUTT This is, by far, one of the greatest videos I have ever laid eyes upon. Whoever made this deserves Oscars upon Oscars.

Internets Available in Arkansas: Accessed by Hog Fans Part Deux


With regards to Houston Nutt, Arkansas fans have the demeanor of a jilted ex-lover. They absolutely despise him and want everyone out there to know it. Yet, despite the animosity, they secretly...

A Friday Query


One of our welcome friends from Fayetteville, floating somewhere between "glad Houston Nutt left" and "super-pissed that Ole Miss hired Houston Nutt" posed an interesting thought (paraphrased...

Why we like Houston Nutt


He isn't this guy:We get it, alright. You despise Houston Nutt. He's got an ego, pissed off Mitch Mustain, has a predictable offense, wears goofy hats, had an affair with a weather lady, sells...

I'm not even going to try to caption this one


A lot of you are insanely clever people, so I'm leaving this one up to you.Giggity giggity, indeed. Enjoy the rest of your barren, football-free weekends.

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