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We are...

Spring is in the air! The girls have traded in Uggs for Rainbows, Spirit posters are arguing about mascots and establishing all-girl cheer squads, baseball team is underachieving way ahead of...

...Ole Miss (part 2 of Tuesday's "We Are...")

After pouting about last night's post for a little while, I was struck with the urge to get dranked out of my cotton-pickin' mind. So I did. And I didn't sleep much. As I finally settled into bed,...

Dos pickos en el primer roundo

I told myself that I would leave this thing alone for the two weeks of law exams and let you people wallow in discontent. However, when a gem like this falls into your lap, it's just too much.A...

Pre-Season All-Conference Selections

Phil Steele's has released its All-American and All-SEC selections, a release of the full details is available over at the official Ole Miss Athletics website. The most notable inclusions are...

Internets Available in Arkansas; Accessed by Hog Fans

Lanny Beavers, owner of a very unfortunate name, as well as, on a more relevant note, the popular Arkansas athletics site Hogville, sat down with some no-shoed cave-dweller from Arkansas Democrat...

Little Devils

Whenever I take pleasure in someone else's misfortune, I picture little devils like the gremlin from that Bugs Bunny cartoon standing on my shoulder and urging me delight more still.That's how I...

Rebel of the Week: In 2003 we lost to Memphis and Texas Tech... That's not funny.

This is the 4-2-5 Defense and it, according to this website, is "one of the most popular defenses in the High School and College Game today." Poor capitalization aside, this defense is indeed a...

Football Euthenasia

I happen to know that a few State fans casually peruse the cup, so, in an effort at equal opportunity, let me note at the beginning that this little bit is not about the Pop Warner expansion teams...

Where Do We Stack Up? Running Backs

Though the SEC West is losing its top 4 runners from 2007 (Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, Jacob Hester, and Benjarvus Green-Ellis in that order), it still has some monsters returning. Almost every...

Where Do We Stack Up? Quarterbacks

Again, summertime isn't the best time for a Southern sportswriter (can we call ourselves that now? I just did, I guess); anything football related seems a little rushed. However, having almost...

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