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Ghost Interviews Jerrell Powe


Recently, I (maybe, maybe not) had the distinguished pleasure of interviewing Ole Miss Defensive Tackle Jerrell Powe.  What follows after the jump is the transcription of our (not) real interview...

Draft Talk: Peria Jerry


Red Cup Rebellion breaks down Ole Miss DT Peria Jerry's best case and worst case draft day scenarios.

A Grief Stricken Epistle From Emo Greg Hardy


EDIT: This post is complete with a soundtrack.  Press play below before reading.  Allow the music to envelop your emotions.     "Dear" readers of this conformist string of drivel,  Winter,...

Spring Practice: The Lines


Man... I hate this. I watch practice and start to think we're really good. I'm so hopeful for this season. Of course, we'll end up winning 5 games or some crap like that. However, this post is...

Jerrell Powe Sighting.


I spotted Jerrell Powe in the Grove. He was conversing with some little girl that he could eat for breakfast. They were joking about his girth. He said, "Nah, but a do weight a lot, though."Really,...

Greg Hardy: All American at 2nd String


Greg Hardy, the prima donna of our defensive line, was recently named a 3rd team All American. The interesting thing bout all of this is that Hardy currently is not in the depth chart as a starter...

Dos pickos en el primer roundo


I told myself that I would leave this thing alone for the two weeks of law exams and let you people wallow in discontent. However, when a gem like this falls into your lap, it's just too much.A...

Alright, everyone can exhale...


Baseball game? What baseball game? I was talking about the commitment of Corinth DE/LB Markell Lee... was there something else going on tonight? Anyways, Lee marks UM's 3rd commitment for the...

Post-Game Report (finally)


So here we are: I had all kinds of things to write about last night, but most of them resided, along with the sick feeling in your gut that surely, all of us felt (at least those of us who actually...

Post Game


Once again, sorry for the late post game. Too busy enjoying what many have called the best weekend in the history of the University. Those of my friends that are aware of my writing on this here...

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