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Rebel Roundup - 3/4/10


Rebel Roundup - 3/4/10 - Ole Miss Rebel News and Notes

Rebel Roundup - Promises, Pleadings, Playgrounds, and Petes


Tim Tebow's "Promise" On Display - Tim Tebow's "Promise" to not lose another game after dropping a game to our Rebels has become a permanent(?) addition to the Florida athletic facilities.  Tim...

2009 Football Schedule Announced


Worst. Job. Building. A. Schedule. In. College. Football's. Modern. Era. You will never see us go overboard with criticisms of our athletic department. We generally think they do a good job...

The Powe-Tron


As a part of our media rights contract with TeleSouth we will soon be getting a brand new jumbotron for Vaught Hemingway Stadium. While the prospect of a new, cutting edge screen is thrilling, let...

Interview with Billy


Last week, Billy Chadwick answered some questions submitted by fans for Grove Side Q&A with olemisssports.com. It opened up with the all-too-neglected topic of tennis recruiting. Apparently, we've...

Pete Boone's Justification: In Technicolor


So the Powe-Tron is getting re-bidded on. Apparently plastic pegs are pretty damned expensive and Boone just doesn't want to shell a lot of cash. While we joke about our athletic department's...

An Open Letter to Pete Boone


Dearest Mr. Boone,I'm graduating. In 9 days I'll get a (useless) degree and begin my way along my slippery-slope laden journey to delusional and drunken old-manhood. I, just as thousands before me,...

Thanks for ruining my day, Pete Boone/Doyle Jackson


I woke up today to this shit in my inbox. I go check NAFOOM, and it's there too. I even got a smart-assed Facebook message (yeah, I'm 16) about it. Of course I'm crazy (dare I say, nuts) about...

How does State consistently out-market us?


We need to fire the fuck outta whoever is in charge of these kinds of things for us. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's all over the blogosphere. Look at it. It's clever, frustrating,...

A Sun Belt Team? Ouch...


Bruce Feldman, a writer for ESPN and the author of "Meat Market: Inside the Smash-mouth World of College Football Recruiting," was recently interviewed by VolQuest.com to give his insight on their...

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