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The Bobbie Massie Saga: A Bloggeur's Take


Alabama fans are upset that they lost prized recruit Bobbie Massie to Ole Miss. An Ole Miss blogger gives his point of view and hopes that the vitriol surrounding this issue will end.

Thanks for ruining my day, Pete Boone/Doyle Jackson


I woke up today to this shit in my inbox. I go check NAFOOM, and it's there too. I even got a smart-assed Facebook message (yeah, I'm 16) about it. Of course I'm crazy (dare I say, nuts) about...

Where Do We Stack Up? Quarterbacks


Again, summertime isn't the best time for a Southern sportswriter (can we call ourselves that now? I just did, I guess); anything football related seems a little rushed. However, having almost...

Got Coke?


Jimmy Johns does.I think I've referenced before how much I enjoy the eventual downfall of Magnolia State players who choose the University of Alabama. See Grant, Terry. Jimmy Johns was...

Where Do We Stack Up? Wide Receivers


The SEC East is the passing division of the conference. While there have certainly been prolific quarterbacks (The Mannings sans Peyton, Pat Sullivan, Joe Namath) and wide receivers (Don Hutson,...

The Wish List: Richard Scruggs


Now that Ole Miss alum Richard Scruggs has been sentenced for his role in a Mississippi judicial bribery scandal, he has caught the eye of the staff here at Red Solo Cup.We're sure that Scruggs...

SEC Traditions: The Best and Worst - Alabama


Alabama is rife with tradition. legacy, fanfare, and history. How on earth can one pick a single "best" and a single "worst?"Actually, it's quite easy. They're one in the same.Best Tradition: Paul...

11 Days until Kickoff


Memory lane for the last four years of Rebel football has been filled with construction delays and potholes. After a day's absence, we continue the countdown with the 12th and 11th worst moments of...

Jimmy "Pitbull" Johns


So, as we all know, Jimmy Johns was kicked off the Alabama Crimson Tide team this week. What you may not have known is how our favorite person to ever choose Bama over us provided the income for...

Corralling the West, Week 1


We won. You should know this by now. More to come later whenever Whiskey Wednesday shakes off his hangover. They're also the third best engineering program in all of Louisiana! You know how a lot...

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