Staying Entertained in Omaha On Ole Miss Off Days

So, a lot of you are planning on coming up to my neck of the woods to watch some baseball, I hear?

As you're probably aware, Ole Miss will have at least one off day during the tournament (Monday, June 16th). For those of you who couldn't care less about the other teams, you might be interested in finding other options to entertain yourself on that day, and any other days the Rebs don't play before you head home.

I am here to help!

The Internet informs me that a Pink Floyd tribute show will be playing at the Orpheum Theater Monday night... so if you want to sit through 3 hours of Pink Floyd music, tickets range from $35-$55 and are available here.

If that's not your sort of thing and/or you'd like something to do before 7:30 at night, Omaha has plenty of other things to explore!

Museums, for starters. Near TD Ameritrade, there are the Durham Western Heritage Museum, a childhood favorite of mine, and the Joslyn Art Museum, which is a bit further up Dodge Street. If you have/and are bringing kids, Omaha has a pretty awesome Children's Museum. Not technically in town, but not prohibitively far away if you have access to an automobile, is the Strategic Air and Space Museum, which I've only been to once but remember as pretty cool.

If you are/or have brought someone with you who is a fan of shopping, Omaha has two really good malls, one really crappy one, and a couple new shopping centers that are way out in the outer edges of town. Westroads Mall is right on Dodge Street, at/about the I-680 interchange. That's my go-to mall in Omaha, mainly because it's easily accessible from the Interstate and because it has a Raisin' Cane's in the food court. Oak View Mall on West Center is also very good, and has a better theater. Do not go to Crossroads at 72nd and Dodge. It is awful, and they are planning to demolish it soon.

Village Pointe Shopping Center is out around 168th and West Dodge Road, accessible via the West Dodge Expressway, which is a terrifying roadway on stilts built about 10 years ago, and out even further than that is the new Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall, which I have yet to visit but is supposedly a smaller Nebraska Mall of America.

Obviously, the Old Market area is definitely worth a visit or seven, and that area includes the Heartland of America Park and the Gene Leahy Mall, which is not a shopping mall but a little green park area that’s enjoyable to stroll through.

If you’re a gambling man, there’s a Harrah’s, and Ameristar Casino, and a Horseshoe Casino just over the bridge in Council Bluffs, IA.

Oh, and not to forget: plenty of bars, both in the Old Market and near TD Ameritrade, and everywhere else.

Enjoy the Big O!

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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