Have you fired your Bianco today?


YOU have made it to the next level. That makes you awesome! Not in the video game cut scene move to the next level awesome way. But, better. Sort of. 'Cause you, like, didn't push buttons and get blistered thumbs. But, work with me on this one. Baseball happened in real life and you got emotionally invested in the action. Just like the time you watched Iron Chef Japan, you know amiright?

Here comes the time where you could lay back after a win, like Former Coach Houston Nutt, and say, "Hotgiggidy! We did it boy's," and have no earthy idea as to how or why it happened. You can just bask in the sun on that railroad crossing of life and let the next locomotive of losing mash you flat in two places. Or...

You take stock in what worked and why. And you can do your best to replicate what worked by practicing it until it gets automatic. Muscle memory, man. Thatswhatimtalkinabout. Just like how you save your freshy picked boogers under your desk without even giving it a thought. You pick, and place, and repeat. All the while thinking about something else important like how you will tell your boss how this Sunday or Monday just doesn't work for you. Because, people are counting on your effort, and whatnot.

Now WE are going to see what worked, and do what worked. Don't think I am giving you a choice. Nor, are we gonna to have one of those meetings where the boss asks everyone to share their stupid ideas so they can speak, and then he says 'Good ideas, thanks for sharing, but let's do this.'

WE have been firing Coach Bianco all effing season. Some of you have been so proactive as to have been firing him the last season and durring the off season. You are sore and tired and feel that you have done enough for your team. But we are NOT THERE YET. You just don't stop running when you have almost reached the end of that rainbow where that pot of gold rests. I know. If I had kept running and got that pot of gold, I wouldn't be spending time writing this shittoyou. I WOULD BE DRESSED IN SUN GOD ROBES ON THE TOP OF MY PYRAMID WHILE NECKED WOMEN THREW GUMMY BEARS AT ME. Sorry, I got a little personal there... please disregard.

Anyway, we need to keep firing Bianco. It has worked all year and it should take us the rest of the way. I know you can do it. You obviously have nothing better to do since you have been doing the same stupid shit for four or five moths without a break. Which means, you can put in a few more weeks.

Think about it:

1) We were firing Bianco all season and it got the Rebs a bye in the first round of the SEC toruney.

2) We were firing Bianco and the Rebs got to a regional, which they won.

3) We were firing Bianco and the Rebs won a Super against one of the best.

4) We have fired Bianco all the way to OMAHA!

Doyouseeitnow! You have the potential to fire Bianco the rest of the way and win the Rebs a National Championship. Or, you can stop doing what works and I WILL KILL YOU PAIN BAD HURT RAILROADTRACKS and we will see what happens.


This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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