Oxford Regional 2014: Saturday schedule

Rich Schultz

Both games were "rained out" on Friday, meaning the openers have been pushed back to Saturday.

Usually when you have a rain out, you need rain. That wasn't quite the case on Friday when Games 1 and 2 of the Oxford regional were postponed to Saturday.

The sky did open up at around 2 p.m. local time, an hour ahead of first pitch between Georgia Tech and Washington. But that lasted only about 20 minutes and within an hour the sun and grounds crew had the field soggy but playable. But the delay continued and eventually both were scrapped just after 6 p.m. Not a drop of rain fell in Oxford the rest of the night.

Now there will be a 2-3-2 format beginning on Saturday, with three games on Sunday. The championship game will be played Monday at 2 p.m. and an if-necessary finale would take place at 7 p.m.

Here's the updated schedule, all times Central.


1 p.m.: Game 1 - Washington vs. Georgia Tech
5 p.m.: Game 2 - Ole Miss vs. Jacksonville State


11 a.m.: Game 3 - loser of Game 1 vs. loser of Game 2
3 p.m.: Game 4 - winner of Game 1 vs. winner of Game 2
7 p.m.: Game 5 - winner of Game 3 vs. loser of Game 4


2 p.m.: Game 6 - winner of Game 4 vs. winner of Game 5
7 p.m.: Game 7 (if necessary) - winner of Game 6 vs. loser of Game 6

Hugh Kellenberger reported that both coaches elected to postpone Game 1 on Friday, but the rumor whipping around town is that Georgia Tech was behind it. During the initial delay, a source on the grounds crew told the Cup that the Tech coaches weren't happy with the field conditions and didn't want to start.

Just before 6 p.m. Georgia Tech sent this out:

Then came the counter reports.

Then this:

Through it all, a sizable and rambunctious group of students stuck it out in Right Field. As you can imagine, they didn't think much of the delay. As rumors of Georgia Tech's involvement filtered through the crowd, the increasingly drunk and restless group began turning their ire towards them. At one point a thundering chant of "Let's go Huskies" started up to the delight of the Washington dugout, who stood and cheered. Despite the fact that the Yellow Jackets are the more desirable matchup for Ole Miss, expect a pro-Washington crowd in Right Field on Saturday.

There's more rain in the forecast for Saturday beginning just before Ole Miss's first pitch against Jacksonville State, so this may get worse before it gets better.

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