2014 lineup-Offense.

I said I was going to make a fanpost and I have done it This one is about what I feel will be the starting depth chart from 2014 based on what I think about the individuals. I did not include the multitude of walk ons or people who played in 1 game 2 years ago or whatnot. So here it is.


Bo Wallace (6’4 – 203 lb)

DeVante Kincade (6’0-200 lbs) or Ryan Buchanan (6’3 - 201 lbs)

Unless Bo mentally/physically goes backwards, I think he is it next year. Between Kincade and Buchanan, I do not yet see a clear leader, but I do think both have situations in which case they would excel and get playing time.

***Kendrick Doss (6’0 -215 lbs)

*** redshirt him, unless he happens to be magical talent.


Jaylen Walton (5’8 – 166 lb)

I’tavius Mathers (5’11- 187 lbs)

Mark Dodson (5’11 – 198 lbs)

Jordan Wilkins* (6’1- 209 lb)

Eugene Brazley (5’9 – 183 lb)

Akeem Judd (5’11-219 lbs) *

Kailo Moore (5’10-184 lbs)

We got a whole flock of running backs. I think Mathers and Walton will again be the main ones, considering they have the most experience. I think there will be packages for Dodson, Brazley, and Moore (unless he goes to CB) and they will also get some snaps in relief in easier non-conference games. I think Judd and Wilkins will be the big juicy ones they call on when it is 3rd and short to get the small yards, and I also think some packages will be made for them.

I'd like to see Jeremy Liggins at the FB position with one of the big running backs behind him.

I also think that if Jordan Wilkins ends up being really good we should redshirt Judd so we can save him for later.


Laquon Treadwell (6’2- 224 lb)

Rotational receivers

Quintavius Burdette (5’11 – 183 lbs)

Collins Moore (6’1 – 205 lbs)

Markell Pack (6’2-180 lbs.)***

Dayall Harris (6’4 - 185 lbs)***


Vincent Sanders (6’1 – 182 lbs)


Quincy Adeboyejo (6’3- 189 lbs)


Cody Core (6’3- 196 lb)


Quadarias Mireles (5’11 – 189 lbs)

Out of our receivers, I think Treadwell and Sanders and Adeboyejo may be the best 3 of them. I do believe they will be in the three spots I outlined above. Cody Core can make catches so I would have him in the rotation, as well as having Mireles who we got last year. Out of the relief receivers, I would add the first two into the rotation for the non-conference games or in relief and with the last two, I would redshirt them if they did not have magical talent to address a need immediately.


Laremy Tunsil (6’5 315 lbs)

Daronte Bouldin (6’5 – 333 lbs)


Aaron Morris (6’5 – 355 lb)

Davion Johnson (6’4 – 309 lb)


Robert Conyers (6’5 -295 lb)


Ben Still (6’3 – 292)

Robert Conyers (6’5 -295 lb)


Ben Still (6’3 – 292)

Justin Bell (6’2 -353)


Justin Bell (6’2 – 353) or

Rod Taylor (6’3- 305 lb)

Justin Bell (6’2 – 353) or

Rod Taylor (6’3- 305 lb)


Austin Golson (6’5 – 309 lb)

Fahn Cooper (6’5 – 314 lbs.)

***Sean Rawlings (6’5 – 285 lbs)- C

***Tyler Putman (6’5 – 280 lbs ) OT

*** Jordan Sims (6’4-345 lbs) OG

Laremy Tunsil is very, very good. End

Aaron Morris is very, very good, as well. And did I mention he was big and juicy. Look at the size. He also has much experience from Freeze's first year.

At the center position, I think, even though Justin Bell is getting a try at it, it will come down to Conyers and Still. I think they will fight over it and it will come down to who has the most athletic ability at it. I do wish either one of them were bigger, though.

I think Justin Bell or Rod Taylor will fight over the RG position. Bell has played there and Taylor was recruited at guard. I think Bell edges out Taylor due to experience level but I expect to see Taylor do it in relief.

At the right tackle position, I think Golson will edge out Cooper if he can get healthy, but I expect both to get a bit of time there.

Bouldin and Johnson may get a few snaps but since they are relatively inexperienced they should be eased in slowly. Starting them may not do that.

Those three men *** I think we should redshirt unless the whole damn line goes down with injury.

Tight End

*Jeremy Liggins (6’3 -296 lb) or/and Nicholas Parker (6’0 – 248 lbs)

Evan Engram (6’3-217 lbs) or/and Sammie Epps (6’3 – 210 lbs)

If it was a passing situation, I would put in Engram and Epps because they are long, rangy men who can catch and move fast. If it was a blocking situation, I would put in Liggins at TE since he is so big and athletic so he can probably block. I could see Channing Ward being on the other end of the line, but I went with Nick Parker because he's played there before.

I will do the defense one maybe tomorrow.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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