SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 3

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

How did we rank the Southeastern Conference after three weeks of football.

Here's our top-to-bottom assessment of the conference thus far:

  1. Alabama - Alabama's defense may have struggled, but every defense is likely to struggle with Johnny Manziel. The Tide came away with the win and are terrifying to every team on their schedule.
  2. LSU - Zach Mettenberger has started this season really well. With the defense proving itself so far, he's likely the key to LSU's chance at the West.
  3. Texas A&M - That game was one for the ages. A&M's defensive play is pretty terrible, but they can beat anyone because of Johnny Manziel, Mike Evans, and Kevin Sumlin.
  4. Georgia - Georgia essentially has two more weeks to prepare for LSU. The West would appreciate a gameplan to beat the Tigers. If you could get on that, Mark, that would be great...
  5. South Carolina - Still not out of it in the SEC East, y'all. Don't sleep on the Gamecocks yet.
  7. Florida - Florida's upcoming game against Tennessee is pretty vital to their season. If they somehow drop it, things could get rough (with four games remaining versus top 15 teams). 6-6 would be awful.
  8. Auburn - Auburn has plenty of areas where they still need to improve, but most didn't expect that they would have bounced back to respectability quite this quickly.
  9. Vanderbilt - Jordan Matthews is wonderful, but another offensive playmaker has to emerge for Vanderbilt to rebound.
  10. Tennessee - So... that was... um... not good. Rebuilding at Tennessee is a process though, and they appear to be headed in the right direction.
  11. Missouri - Missouri is likely to do exactly what they need to do out of conference: go 4-0. SEC wins may be tough to come by, particularly with Ole Miss and A&M being the West opponents.
  12. Mississippi State - State may have found their quarterback in a losing effort against Auburn. What does that mean for the school's record-breaking senior though? Also, will it be enough?
  13. Arkansas - Take it from us. If they wanted to be taken seriously, Arkansas should have beaten Southern Miss by a thousand.
  14. Kentucky - The Wildcats certainly put up a fight against Louisville, but they have a long way to go. Stoops has his work cut out for him.

Team Speed Kills has the full Power Poll with commentary here. Horray! The Rebs are number six! That's top-half of the conference stuff right there.

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