Ole Miss Named the Most Beautiful Campus by the Princeton Review

Scott Halleran

National Championship Time! Hang the Banner!

The Princeton Review, a set of terribly flawed university rankings which, nonetheless, inform the public by and large of the microcosmic culture of American higher education, released its 2013 rankings yesterday. Ole Miss was named a "Best Southeastern College" and finished in the top-20 in eight different college ranking categories, some of which we might even be proud of! Here are those eight categories, where Ole Miss finished in said categories, and where our SEC brethren finished in the same.

  • 1. Ole Miss
  • 2. - 300-something. THE REST OF THE COUNTRY
Suck it, Pepperdine! No wonder Hugh Freeze can recruit so well. Blue chippers love azaleas and Southern Greek revival architecture. It's science.

  • 8. Florida
  • 10. South Carolina
  • 20. Ole Miss
The Daily Mississippian, a popular source of contention within the Rebel community, is again in the Princeton Review. Congrats, aspiring journalists (who will probably work in retail or something).

  • 8. Vanderbilt
  • 20. Ole Miss
The only reason Vanderbilt students are happier than Ole Miss students is their proximity to the Pancake Pantry. And notice that this said happiest students and not happiest alumni, because I know that entering debtors prison after four years of loans to cover a Vanderbilt education can't exactly be the happiest moment.

  • 5. Vanderbilt
  • 11. Florida
  • 15. Ole Miss
  • 19. Georgia
Percentage-wise, Ole Miss is about a third greek. That said, fraternities and sororities dominate student life and campus politics.

  • 6. Florida
  • 11. Georgia
  • 14. Ole Miss
It was just a few years ago when we were ranked #2 in the country. We're slipping, y'all, and I'm counting on the future generations of Ole Miss Rebels to get my alma mater back into, at the very least, the top-10.

  • 5. Missouri
  • 11. Florida
  • 13. Auburn
  • 14. Ole Miss
  • 20. South Carolina
"Students pack the stadium" isn't exactly accurate. "Students like sports" might be more accurate, in that Rebel football, basketball, and baseball are all an important part of the Ole Miss and Oxford culture. Fitting it is that five of the top-20 schools are in the SEC, but South Carolina and Auburn deserve way more credit in this regard than Ole Miss and Florida. Missouri, though, I can't say. Sure, let 'em have their top five ranking.

  • 2. Ole Miss
  • 9. Alabama
  • 15. Florida
It's because we, like, already know all the stuff, right? And we don't need to study? Is that it?

  • 4. Auburn
  • 12. Ole Miss
I guess the Oxford Police Department's wanton arrest and ticketing of Ole Miss students for rather insignificant infractions as a major source of revenue does show a pretty good "relationship" between the town and the university which, were it not to exist, would render said town another forgettable collection of buildings in the wooded hills of north Mississippi. That, and we have aldermen actively discussing the demerits of selling refrigerated beer, because you know that's the only thing keeping Oxford from being a modern day Sodom.

We do have nice restaurants, bars, and stores though. Students frequent them. I guess that counts.

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