Ole Miss Rebels 2013 Position Previews: Wide Receivers


This receiver group is arguably the most talented and deep unit on the Rebel roster for 2013.

Last Season

With just under 250 passing yards per game, Ole Miss finished fifth in the SEC in pass offense. With 271 yards per game, Ole Miss finished third in the conference in pass offense against conference competition. While it is apparent that the Rebs were more free and comfortable moving the ball on the ground against non-SEC competition, it is important to note just how successful the Rebs were in the air last season, even against better competition. A lot of this success rests on the shoulders of the Rebel receivers, who quickly emerged as one of the conference's more reliable receiver groups towards the season's conclusion. Donte Moncrief was the star of the offense, catching 66 bals for 979 yards and ten touchdowns. The other two starting receivers did a fantastic job of keeping the offense ahead of schedule, as Vincent Sanders caught 490 yards for 4 scores, and Ja-Mes logan added 504 yards with a score. All Purpose back Randall Mackey, who was mostly asked to contribute in short and intermediate routes, caught 25 passes for 346 yards and a score, and Korvic Neat - whose touches were mostly earlier in the season - caught 25 balls for 257 yards.

This Season

I've got a strategy for you, Coach Freeze...

...and if he's covered, hit Logan or Sanders, because they'll be returning this season (albeit fully healthy after the Texas game, in Sanders' case, as he suffered a broken collarbone in practice earlier this month) and should contribute tremendously to what is sure to be, again, one of the SEC's better passing offenses. They'll be backed up by Cody Core, Jordan Holder, and Quadarias Mireles.

It's rare to have a successful passing attack return its starting quarterback and its top three receivers but, whaddayaknow, that's exactly what we've got at Ole Miss. And, if that statement alone doesn't get you unreasonably excited...

The Incoming Class

...then Laquon Treadwell and Quincy Adeboyejo certainly will. The five and four star prospectcs, respectively, have been very impressive in camp thus far, and with Vincent Sanders out for the early portion of the season, Treadwell has already been shoehorned in a starting role in the slot. (Logan moved out wide in Sanders' spot, and Treadwell, at 6'3", will be in the slot - versatility's great, ain't it?) Adeboyejo will see plenty of time as well in a flanker role, as coach Freeze's hurry-up offense necessitates quick and fluid substitutions.

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