Ole Mi$$ Recruiting $ucce$$ Explained: An Editorial

Wha happen? - Cooper Neill

by Derrick Nerling

Staff Writer, 365 Longhorn Crootin'

Host, "How Long's Your Horn?" LHN

Gotta be money, amirite?

Look, I'm a man. A man'$ man. And I'll give credit where it'$ due. Hugh Freeze and $taff know how to play the game. And the game, the$e day$, in Mi$$i$$ippi, i$ a money game. LOL.

I'd like to $ay that thi$ $ort of thing is rare. I'd like to tell you all that other univer$itie$ u$e the rigorou$ ethical guideline$ that THE University of Texas u$e$. But I've met Mack Brown. Hugh Freeze ain't Mack Brown.

I'm about to blow your mind. Hugh Freeze coached girl$ ba$ketball. Yep. Tell$ you everything you need to know right there. Now tell me it'$ not the money. LOL. You know it i$!

Now, there'$ tho$e people who are looking at me, $aying, "I heard Hugh Freeze was a good recruiter. I heard Hugh Freeze signed the #1 prospect last year." Here'$ what I've got to $ay to that:

UT wa$n't recruiting Nkemdiche. If we had been, well, let'$ just $ay he'd be wearing orange next $eason! I under$tand that Hugh Freeze has beaten out the Alabama$ and LSU$ and Florida $tate$ and Georgia$ of the world. Hell, he might of done it without cheating! I don't know. Don't cover those $chool$. Never have. Don't read about them either. Don't read anything not about UT. But thi$ is true: He'$ NEVER beaten out UT. Not until now. And that right there my friend$, that right there tell$ you exactly what kind of program it i$ that Hugh Freeze i$ running.

Look, I don't want to tell tale$ out of $chool, but I'm pretty clo$e to $omething big. $omething huge. I've got it on good authority that there'$ a clo$e, per$onal relation$hip between a certain recruit'$ aunt'$ cou$in'$ $i$ter-in-law'$ ex-hu$band'$ banker'$ lawyer. Guess where he went to school. Well, no, he didn't go to Ole Mi$$. But he vi$ited Oxford la$t year. And here'$ what he tweeted:

"Love it here. Great environment for college football."

$ay$ it right there. "Great environment for college football." Now tell me that guy'$ not lining the pocket$ of recruit$, $teering them to Ole Mi$$. Give me a week. All I need. A week, and I'll have this guy'$ bank account info, and then everyone can $ee for them$elve$. Not going to turn it in to the NCAA. I'll po$t it here, for the world to $ee. Why would I $end it to the NCAA? They'll just $weep it under the rug. Another in a long line of in$tance$ where the NCAA intentionally hurt$ our beloved $chool. One day, UT will catch a break.

I have $een recruit$ in tear$ becau$e they couldn't commit to UT. IN. TEARS. But then, twelve year$ later, when they're not 6 anymore, and they have a real offer, they commit to Ole Mi$$. Tell me that'$ not $hifty. Tell me that'$ not underhanded. Look, you don't just change your mind. If you want to be a Longhorn when you're 6, you want to be a Longhorn when you're 18 and 25 and 47. Law of the univer$e, my friend$. Don't let anyone tell you otherwi$e.

You can believe what you want to believe. You're all grown. I'm not telling you what to think of all thi$. I'm just $aying, look at the evidence. Ole Mi$$ stole one of UT's recruit$. That'$ the evidence. And if you look at the evidence with clear eye$, you'll believe, a$ I do, that $omething fi$hy i$ going on in Oxford, M$.

You'll believe that.

You'll have to.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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