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Oddly enough, I'm as excited about the upcoming basketball season right now as I am about football. I'm thinking of getting season tickets for the first time since I was a student. Whenever I'm excited about something, it inevitably turns into spreadsheets and breaking down stats.

I had a little time yesterday and was going to do some +/- for a few games, maybe the NCAA and SEC tournaments, trying to quantify how much of a loss Holloway and Buck are going to be and what their backups are capable of. I ran into two problems:

1) It's hard. I couldn't figure out an easy automated way of doing it. I'm open to suggestions and have some time to do it if anyone can help me with this AND

2) I can't find many box scores with play by play data. I have the La Salle game, but none of the other games dating back to the LSU regular season game have anything more than full game summaries. Does anyone know where to find these.

Anyway, I was able to do the La Salle game. Here is the +/-

Williams - +5

Millinghaus - +4

Buckner - +3

Summers - +2

Henderson - 0

Holloway - -4

White - -9

Brutus - -12

Not sure what you can glean from one game so take it all with a grain of salt that it was from the La Salle game, but a couple of observations.

1) I'm not sure this stat is perfect. I originally thought it would be much better, but where it misses is the level of player on the floor for the other team. For instance, if Millinghaus got to go against La Salles B team while White went against the starters, it's not perfect

2) We were really lacking a second scorer last year. White's (-9) was mostly picked up when Henderson was off the floor. It looks like we struggled to create shots. Buck and Holloway put up good numbers, but I'm not sure if the offense could be ran through them where we rely on them to create their own shot.

3) We did not have quality depth behind Buckner and Holloway. That's not suprising considering we didn't have Jones or Cox and were pretty far down the bench at this point, but Et Tu Brutus' (-12) killed us, especially with the fact that Buck got into foul trouble early.

Again, I don't know if it's fair to say too much about one game, but I would like to see a bigger sample size if anyone can tell me where to find the data.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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