Rebel Roundup - June 17, 2013

Kelly Lambert

Happy Monday to ya, you guys!

I worry that our video people are spoiling us. More great work from Micah, Chris Buttgen, Michael Thompson, and whomever else is behind these great productions. And good on us for supporting our teams this season, but I'm pretty sure we can do much better than 810K for this next year, right?

Ole Miss AD: Rebels building momentum under Hugh Freeze |

It’s an exciting time in Oxford and now we just got to keep growing and keep talking about the process knowing that we really haven’t done what we wanted to accomplish...We’ve got bigger aspirations, but we’ve laid the foundation.

So sayeth Ross Bjork. I'm definitely reading into what he said much more than he probably would have intended any of us to, but a winning football program does benefit the entirety of the athletics department. "A rising tide floats all ships," so they say, and even if that analogy isn't perfect for this situation I do believe that, if Hugh Freeze and the Ole Miss football team can continue to improve, we should see significant progress made in fundraising, facilities, and coaching decisions.

'Nkemdiche effect' still pushes Ole Miss on recruiting trail | EotC
About as beneficial to the program as signing Robert Nkemdiche, Leremy Tunsil, Laquon Treadwell, and the other members of our Rebels' top-10 recruiting class is the press Ole Miss has received as of late for Hugh Freeze's recruiting. In a way, the "Nkemdiche effect" has made Ole Miss a more popular destination for high school recruits, which stands to reason. If top-flight guys are coming here, then others are wont to follow them.

Carver-Montgomery receiver Charles Standberry commits to Ole Miss |
Charlse Standberry is a flex TE/WR type of prospect - think of Evan Ingram last year - out of Montgomery, Alabama. He committed to our Rebs this past Friday during his visit to Oxford. He is listed as being 6'3" and 208 pounds, and caught 54 passes for 623 yards and seven touchdowns last season. His offer sheet is not particularly impressive (Schtuyte, UAB, LA Tech, etc.), but he has impressed scouts at both the Ole Miss and Auburn camps. Regardless, this guy's excited to be a part of the program as are his future teammates:

See, it's not just us that this shit happens too.

I mean, how does that happen?

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