The Side From Which Oppositioning Players Are Not to Be Envisioned


Greetings Productioner of Hollywood Pictures of Motioning Variety!

Is much to my pleasure to enclosure summarization of script for best motioning picture for you to distribution in year next! Filled is it with agrarian pride and spirit of People's University! Crowds will not allowance themselves to look away from screen! Chiseled visage of Commissar Mullen will enliven the loins of many female book farmers!

Upon reading summarization, contaction office mine for full scripting of film such as this, and bring much glory to yourself and all your fellow comrades!

With intentions of best nature,

Minister Stricklin

The Side From Which Oppositioning Players Are Not to Be Envisioned:

A Motioning Picture of Much Inspirational Virtues

In city of Jackson, much squalor is known to many denizens. No books are to be farmed! No pridefulness in Agrarian lifestyle is to be found. Try if you are able, comrade, to imagination such a place! Is of difficult nature, yes?

In such a city as this, we meet Mikhail, a girthful comrade with lowly intelligence. Mikhail is wandering streets, as is common in capitalist societies. No farm is had by his slothful capitalist mother! No educationing in ways of proper Agrarian lifestyle is had by unfortunate Mikhail. But strong is Mikhail! Strong and girthful! Many will sing his name!

As Mikhail wanders street of Jackson, he encounter makes Glorious Farm Mother (character to be attributioned a name at date later than this). Glorious Farm Mother ventures through streets of Jackson saving wayward citizens. With much pridefulness in State, she encloses them in her own farm! Where they are given joy of tilling earth and yoking oxens! Such a life is to be the envy of all comrades, and Glorious Farm Mother providances it to any child encountered on street! What joy she brings to heart of each faithful citizen! What pridefulness! (Note for productioneer: Actress to portrayal Glorious Farm Mother must be of stout figure! Citizens viewing film such as this must be assuranced that Glorious Farm Mother is robust and hearty. Suggestion I make is to conduction call of casting in Our State. Perhaps a true Farm Mother might be cast as Glorious Farm Mother! Much good reportage could flow from such an event as this!)

Mikhail with much gratitude journey-makes to farm of Glorious Farm Mother. Immediate-like he commences to life of labor and joy! Like churning of butter, Glorious Farm Mother works hard Mikhail's mind repetitively until he is so envigored with pridefulness in Our State, he runs that very evening to People's University. On field of Greatest Stadium Built in World (Note: no reproductioning of such a place will be allowanced. All filming of such scenes as these must take place in Unimaginationable Davis-Wade Stadium!) Mikhail encounters other than none, but Glorious Commissar Mullen. Our Dear Leader is on field, happily working players as so many Book Farmers work the earth from which bounty of Our State springs!

Commissar Mullen greets Mikhail, as is clear but from looking at his girthfulness that he is true-born comrade of Our State! Mikhail, with humble disposition, stands on field and performances feats of great Sport of Football skill! Commissar Mullen assurances young Mikhail that place will be made for him on People's University Football Squadron, for place is always made for those with true spirit of Agrarian Ideals in heart-chambers!

But cautionings, citizen! Lurking at corners of field like lowly rodent are Athletical Coaches from School of the Northland. Like pests smelling delicious Edam, they scurry forth at sight of such a Sport of Football player as young Mikhail. Much underhanded dealings will commence! Suitcases of filthy capitalist money abound! My Hollywood friend, is hard to imagine that such a place exists, where money is of more importance than pridefulness in State! But such a place does existence. It does indeed, and from it flowances much misery and shamefulness!

Lengthy sequence of actioning commences, as Glorious Commissar Mullen bathes in tainted blood of enemies! When last oppositioning coach's head is on pike at gates of Davis-Wade, Commissar Mullen takes young Mikhail to field to begin training! Such is the knowlege of Our Glorious Commissar! Even with natural-born Sport of Football player such as Mikhail, much knowledge may be transitioned from Commissar Mullen's mind to his, to enable him to fulfill destiny as greatest player in People's University history! (Note: As scene such as this takes place, allowance me to recommendation soundtrack to play "Our Leader Is Genius of Offense and Innovation." Song such as this forever stirs the loyalty and pridfulness of all comrades!)

And who is this venturing onto field as Commissar Mullen instructs Mikhail? It is Glorious Farm Mother! She walks to Mikhail and commencements correctioning of his Sport of Football stance. Shame! Misery! Glorious Farm Mother has forgotten greatest lessons of Our Dear Leader! Her pridefulness has removed itself from Our State and attached itself to her own thoughts of herself! No longer is she Glorious Farm Mother! Now, she is Shameful Capitalist Woman! With great swiftness, Glorious Commissar Mullen sends Shameful Capitalist Woman to distant Amory, where new education in feelings of Agrarian virtue may begin! Many thanks to Commissar Mullen, who protects us from such dangerous thinkings!

Young Mikhail, enlivened by love for his fellow comrade, is saddened at loss of Shameful Capitalist Woman. Not to worry, comrade! Commissar Mullen, beaming with pride in Our State, wipes Mikhail's tears, and assurances him that Shameful Capitalist Woman was no Mother to him or to any comrade! She was of great danger to all! Nor was his mother the lazy capitalist who birthed him in city of Jackson. True mother is Our State! For only Our State may feed and nurture young Mikhail! With knowledge that this is of greatest truth, Mikhail smiles and hugs Our Glorious Commissar, who looks into camera and says with all the gustiness befitting a leader such as him, "Hail State!"

Screen at this point fades to color of much darkness.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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