Ole Miss Recruiting Weekend: Rebels Earn Five Commitments in Two Days

JUCO Halfback Akeem Judd - The Twitters

The momentum of the 2013 signing class is carrying over into 2014 so far.

Alfred Dickens commits to Ole Miss (via: 247Sports)

Hugh Freeze and the Ole Miss Rebels coaching staff are maintaining their early recruiting successes, and have added four new commitments to the 2014 recruiting class, plus a commitment for the 2016 class. Of these five new commitments, four are from the state of Mississippi, showing this coaching staff's strategy of securing the homegrown talent first.

The pickups are as follows (with links to their 247Sports profiles):

Alfred Dickens - 6'1" 195lb S/OLB - Olive Branch HS
What's this? A star prospect from Olive Branch commits to Ole Miss? The high school which has seemingly been closed off to Ole Miss for several years, despite being a couple of counties away from campus, is led on defense by Alfred Dickens who plays both linebacker and defensive back for the Conquistadores. He plays some on offense too, but Dickens is a defensive back who could perhaps grow into a linebacker at the next level a la former Olive Branch turned Ole Miss star Allen Walker. He is also the punter at Olive Branch, a point which isn't all that interesting until you see this video of him tossing a touchdown on a fake punt. Damn, I love high school football.

Akeem Judd - 5'11" 219lb Halfback - Georgia Military Academy
He's not a defender, but he's a landshark all the way per his Twitter. Akeem Judd is the top junior college halfback in the 2014 class, and the story on him is that he's a rare combination of size and speed, and ready to contribute in the SEC right away. He will graduate this December, making him even more valuable to a team such as Ole Miss which needs a bigger bodied back.in the worst way. His practice highlights are here, and they do show him using his eyes and feet well, and demonstrating significant versatility. I think this is a fantastic pickup, and being as how we had to fight of Auburn and Tennessee to get this guy's commitment, that's a good sign of his potential.

Alvin Moore - 6' 190lb ILB - Bassfield HS / Calvin Moore - 6' 182lb ATH - Bassfield HS
If these guys having similar first names, identical last names, and coming from the same high school didn't tip it off for you, Alvin and Calvin Moore are a pair of identical twins. They're also very, very fast. Each of them ran a 4.4-ish 40-yard dash at Ole Miss' camp this past weekend, earning Calvin the offer that his brother Alvin received a few weeks prior. With each having an offer in hand, they committed, and have pledged to help commit their teammates to Ole Miss, most notably Jamal Peters, an elite 2015 safety prospect.

DeKaylin Metcalf - 6'2" 175lb Athlete - Oxford HS
This is a really interesting commitment for the class of 2016. Metcalf is the son of former Ole Miss all-American offensive lineman Terrence Metcalf. As you may know, Metcalf moved back to Oxford post his career with the Chicago Bears, and is carrying on a long tradition of former Rebel stars making our little corner of north Mississippi their home. DeKaylin plays receiver for the Oxford High Chargers, and could project at receiver or wideout for the Rebels. I'd say Terrence Metcalf's accomplishments have earned his son a football scholarship regardless, but it's good to see that he himself might have the size and athleticism to be a valuable asset to the program on his own merits - just like dad.

In other recruiting news, Mississippi native and four-star wideout Markell Pack, who is currently committed to Florida State, recently said that he was 50/50 between the 'Noles and the Rebs after he and his family took a recent visit to Oxford. Naturally, Florida State fans are unreasonably upset over this.

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