RCRuiting: Ole Miss Hosts Top Junior Prospects this Weekend


While Mississippi State is adulating recruits as ballers and promising them the (likely impermissible benefit) of free cans of SWAG juice, the Ole Miss Rebels football program will be hosting some of the nation’s top juniors this weekend, including several current Ole Miss commitments. Here are a few of the higher profile talents expected in Oxford today or tomorrow.

Rod Taylor - #19 OT - Rivals Profile

Taylor is the teammate of Ole Miss commitments Ronald Walker and Dayall Harris at Callaway High School in Jackson. He is generally regarded as the top player in the state of Mississippi and would naturally be a huge get for the program. While Taylor is rated as a tackle, many think he will end up playing guard on the next level. That would give him a chance to pair with Ole Miss commitment Andy Bauer for a great class of guards to go along with last year's #1 offensive tackle group.

Nyles Morgan - #6 MLB - Rivals Profile - Highlights

Morgan is the teammate of Ole Miss signee Laquon Treadwell (who you may have heard of before) and Ole Miss freshman Anthony Standifer (who, interestingly enough, you are less likely to have heard of). Morgan is the #70 player in the country as well as a top linebacker, according to Rivals.com. Ole Miss seems like a legitimate contender for his signature, and Morgan would fill a huge need. Ole Miss needs defensive players at every position in this class, but linebacker is a bigger need than anything other than cornerback. The Rebels are in good shape with another elite linebacker from Illinois, Clifton Garrett, so if the Rebels could sign both Garrett and Morgan, Hugh Freeze would be adding a prolific incoming pair of linebackers to the program.

Trey Quinn - #12 WR - Rivals Profile - Highlights

At first glance, Quinn appears to be the next Great White hope - the next guy that the Sprivals crowd will just go apey over. Hell, I'm sure he's a coaches son and plays with reckless abandon and all that, right? Just check out his profile and you'll see that he's goofy and plays receiver. You can't be goofy and white while playing receiver, right? Well... his highlights suggest otherwise. Quinn really does look like a great player who could really flourish in Hugh Freeze's offense. As a junior, Quinn caught 115 passes for 2,141 yards. He also has good size and can absolutely scoot. His skills are apparent, his numbers are strong, and his highlights suggest he's familiar with a spread offense.

Jeb Blazevich - #4 TE - Rivals Profile - Highlights

Ole Miss has an in with Blazevich since his grandfather played for John Vaught. Blazevich also has cousins in Mississippi and family attending Ole Miss. (Cue the "IT'S A TSUN BEAR CONSPIRASEE!!1" talk.) Tight End is a huge need for the Rebels moving forward, with pretty much the entirety of our depth at that position being freshmen. As evidenced by the roles played by H.R. Greer, Ferbia Allen, and Jamal Mosely last year, Freeze's offense finds multiple ways to use tight ends both as receivers and blockers out of all sorts of sets and formations - including in an H Back type capacity at times. Hopefully that, his Ole Miss connections, and our need for the position will be a strong sell for Blazevich.

Andrew Williams - #85 player overall - WDE - Rivals Profile - Highlights

I've never heard Williams' name until this morning, but through Twitter (here) he's said he's visiting Ole Miss this weekend. His offer list is insane, and he has a great frame at 6'4" and 245 pounds. The Rebels had success signing a top-flight defensive end from Georgia in February (whose name I can't quite remember), so let's hope that can happen again. Ole Miss certainly needs more help at defensive end for the future, and with the way Dave Wommack coaches defense one can't really have too many skilled pass rushers.

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