Rebel Roundup - April 26, 2013

This isn't from the Rebel Road Trip, but imagine that it is. - Kelly Lambert

Landshark Dog
Landshark, bitches!

NFL Draft, Y'all

The first round of the draft last night was pretty crazy. Geno Smith still hasn't been picked. There were a lot of odd picks everywhere in the round, and some GMs had better hope their reaches work out. If EJ Manuel isn't good and any other quarterback from this draft is, the Bills are going to look like, well, the Bills.

Wahl Gets No Help From Bullpen | Clarion Ledger

That's an interesting headline. Sure. The bullpen gave up two runs in two innings. That's not good. Still, it's tough to be that pissed about a pitching staff that gives up three runs. On the other hand... seriously, offense? This team just doesn't have the bats it needs to be successful in the postseason. Please, prove me wrong.

Hammers' Mico McSwain Has Emerged as League's Most Prolific Receiver |

It's always great to hear stories like this. I absolutely hated what Ed Orgeron did with McSwain's athletic ability while he was at Ole Miss. McSwain has elite speed, which he displayed as a redshirt freshman (when he set the Ole Miss freshman running record), and then he became some sort of afterthought. I always wanted him to get on the field as a receiver or maybe defensive player. Glad to see things have worked out for him.

Managing Expectations | Daily Journal

I think that a lot of people hear Hugh Freeze during these road trip stops and probably take the stance that he must be simply managing expectations for those fans who think that Ole Miss' recruiting success means we'll win ten games this year. I'm sure he's doing that. He's also likely managing expectations for those of you who expect eight. Sure, there's something to the idea that Freeze should lower fan expectations in order to exceed them, but I also think that Freeze is being honest. This team could be good. They could also have a few important injuries and miss a bowl. Having a group of good young players is really nice, but you'd rather have a great group of seniors and juniors with the younger players showing a lot of promise but unable to make major dents in the rotation because the players ahead of them are just so good. That's the situation Ole Miss could be in within the next year or two, but the team isn't there yet.

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