Ole Miss Rebels vs. Kentucky Wildcats Baseball Preview and OPEN THREAD


The Rebels and the Wildcats will begin their series tonight on ESPNU.

First up, the Wildcat's likely starting pitchers.

Thursday - AJ Reed (Soph. LHP) - AJ Reed is currently 2-5 with a 3.20 ERA through 10 starts this season. Through 59 innings pitched, Reed has allowed 29 runs (21 earned) off 68 hits. AJ has struck out 43 while walking 12 batters. Opponents are hitting .288 against him this season.

Friday - Jerad Grundy (Sr. LHP) - Grundy currently posts a 5-4 record with a 4.43 ERA in 10 starts. Through 61 innings pitched, Jerad has allowed 35 runs (30 earned) off 59 hits. Grundy has 51 strike outs to go along with 16 walks. Opponents are currently hitting .274 off Jerad this season.

Saturday - Correy Littrell (Jr. LHP) - Correy is currently 4-3 with a 3.20 ERA through 10 starts. Through 64.2 innings pitched, Littrell has allowed 32 runs (23 earned) off 59 hits. Littrell has 54 strikeouts to go along with 26 walks. Opponents are hitting .246 off him.

Team Pitching Ranks in Conference:

-9th in ERA (3.39) (OM 4th at 2.57)

-11th in opposing batting avg. (.270) (OM 5th at .235)

-9th in strikeouts (279) (OM 7th with 300)

-T-11th in hits allowed (364) (OM 5th with 315)

-T-8th in runs allowed (175) (OM 5th with 134)

-1st in walks allowed (98) (OM 11th with 148)

-9th in HR allowed (18) (OM 7th with 15)

The numbers from Kentucky's starting pitchers and entire staff don't jump out at you; however, they hold an advantage against the Rebel bats this weekend. Ole Miss is only 6-7 on the season when facing a LHP, and as you can see, Kentucky is throwing three lefties this weekend. This weekend would be a perfect time to figure out how to hit lefties.

Now, on to the Wildcat bats.

Team 0.241 10 71 0.336 0.34
Kyle Barrett 0.345 0 5 0.382 0.413
Austin Cousino 0.313 1 11 0.463 0.446
AJ Reed 0.304 4 16 0.551 0.388
Zac Sellers 0.261 1 10 0.319 0.354

Other 4 regulars that have played in all 18 conference games are hitting below .215 with 3 HR's and 24 RBI's.

The Wildcats are driving in on average of 3.94 runs/game.

Earlier this week, a lot of y'all predicted the Rebs would take this series. I appreciate and echo the confidence you have in the red and blue, but do feel that the Wildcats will be a hell of a test this weekend. If the Rebs can win this series, then they'll continue to build their case to host an NCAA regional.


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