The Final Episode of "The Season" for Ole Miss Basketball

Watch the team win the SEC Men's Basketball Tournament and take down Wisconsin in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

It's nearly forty minutes, but it's worth the watch. Here are some highlights I caught.

2:12 - Marshall Henderson's good with kids. That's, you know, not at all what the narrative about the guy would have you believe.

5:14 - "We don't like them and they don't like us," Nick Williams says about Missouri. We clobbered them in the Tad Pad, and they returned the favor in Mizzou Arena, so it is only fitting for our game against each other in the SEC Tournament to go down to the wire.

7:20 - Snoop white's hammer dunk against Mizzou. It still feels good.

7:30 - Summers' concussion, which kept him inactive for a while during the conference tournament. It was really strange. It didn't look like much contact, but then he just fell to the ground like a sack of wet sand.

9:00 - Phil Pressey is so, so good. Really, this Mizzou team was a very talented team, and the fact that our Rebs took two of three from them says a lot about the talent level we were able to boast.

12:03 - Murph saying "he's a great guy...he's fun to be around...he's just competitive" regarding Marshall Henderson. This confirms my suspicions that he's the kind of guy that you want on your team. "He makes me and Reggie better," says Big Murph, who is really complimentary of Henderson.

13:06 - Improper landshark technique.

14:15 - "The bandwagon is here!" Please never change, Marhsall Henderson.

19:14 - More improper landsharking, but I'm okay with it because it was these moments when we came back from behind and took it ot the Gators to win the SEC title. Really, what a game that was.

19:30 - My absolute favorite play of the SEC Tournament championship game. Henderson double teamed, breaks it, wiggles inside a bit, then lobs it from midrange for an alley oop to Buckner. Something that you can't draw up any better.

21:06 - Gator chomp. Damn, Marshall really trolled the shit out of Florida.

22:40 - Wow. Just look at their faces, and try to remember how stressed you were yourself during the last few minutes of the SEC Tournament Championship game.

23:50 - A Dan Jones appearance.

24:50 - "I wouldn't want to be on any other team but this one." I paraphrase, but Murphy Holloway will make you smile with his SEC tournament sentiments. Talk about a guy who is absolutely devoted to Ole Miss finally getting the opportunity to take home a championship of some sort. If anybody deserved the chance to call himself an SEC basketball champ at Ole Miss, it's Murphy Holloway.

29:05 - Ross Bjork sighting. *swoon*

31:37 - "They'll find a way to keep Ole Miss out of the tournament, even when we get the auto-bid." Henderson understands WAOM as good as anybody, y'all.

33:20 - Our team shamelessly and poorly hitting on girls - adorable, hilarious, and charmingly embarrassing.

36:18 - "Ooh, we don't get much snow in McComb." Snoop White is correct in this observation.

38:27 - And then somehow we held Wisconsin to 46 only points. March Madness! It's madness! Cats and dogs sleeping together. Improbabilities becoming realities! Florida Gulf Coast?!

And then it cuts off... It's like we never lost to La Salle!

All in all, this video is yet another example of the damn fine work done by the Ole Miss video team.

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